2016 Kia Sorento Van Window Screens

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Van Window Screen Benefits

If you work out of your van, that four-wheeled workshop is more than simple transportation; it’s your lifeline! Those sheet metal walls likely house every tool, product, and book you rely on to do your job, yet you trust glass windows to protect these valuables? Fortunately, RealTruck has the solution to keep your van safe against break-ins: Van Window Screens! 

Our van window screens bolster impact and theft resistance, featuring a rugged 7-gauge steel wire construction to keep thieves out and your cargo in. All window screens come with a durable black powder coat finish, preventing unsightly rust and corrosion. 

Aside from protecting your valuables against thieves, window screens guard your van’s windows from your cargo! In your van’s confined cargo area, it’s easy to knock oversized cargo or heavy tools against the windows. Van window screens form a barrier between your cargo and the shatter-prone glass, preventing breakage and pricey repairs. 

Window screens are also cost-effective, providing extra assurance without thinning your wallet. So ultimately, the question isn’t why you should install window screens in your van, but why wouldn’t you?