2011 Nissan Xterra Van Floor Mats and Liners

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Van Floor Mats and Liners

Any vehicle can benefit from durable, high-end floor mats and liners; your work or cargo van is no exception! These durable, typically rubberized or composite floor mats help to prevent unnecessary damage and staining to your van’s factory flooring, protecting appearances and retaining resale value.

Benefits of Van Floor Mats and Liners

Van floor mats and liners offer several benefits over a bare floor, including:

Protecting Your Investment

Work vans are no inexpensive purchase; they’re a significant investment that’s often necessary to start and grow a business! Vans are also essential to operations, providing tool storage, material storage, and often workspaces. As such, protecting your investment is vital, and there's no better way than investing in premium van mats and liners!  

From dropped cargo and tools to spilled chemicals, mats, and liners help to protect your van’s factory flooring and paint against unnecessary damages, retaining a like-new appearance and resale value!

Providing a Safe Workspace

Can someone say non-slip? The factory flooring in a work van can be incredibly slippery, especially in wet conditions. Slick floors and wet, muddy work boots are a recipe for disaster! Create a safe workspace with non-slip floor mats and liners, preventing slips, falls, and associated injuries.

Noise Reduction

Excess road noise? Well, no wonder! There isn't any insulation or sound deadening in the rear of your van! Luckily, floor mats and liners help to insulate naked floors, reducing unwanted noise while on long drives to the next job site.

Easy Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than trying to mop out your cargo van. Dirt, grime, and mud seem to flow everywhere except out of the back doors! Van mats and liners make cleaning a breeze; just pull them out of the cargo area, spray them off with a hose, and reinstall them once dry!

Selecting Van Mats and Liners

With so many options for mats and liners for your van, how do you decide which are right for you? Consider the following factors before making your purchase.

Liner Type

What level of protection do you need? We offer a wide selection of mat and liner styles, including front floor mats, rear floor liners, and wall liners, to keep dirt, debris, and damage off the interior panels!


What material best suits your needs? We offer mats in three common constructions, including: 

  • Polypropylene

    • Soft-touch, carpet-like finish

    • Slip and skid-resistant fiber

    • Withstands oil, gas, acid, and other harsh chemicals

    • Insulates against noise and heat

  • Rubber

    • Anti-skid

    • Resists most greases, oils, chemicals, and solvents

    • Waterproof


Van floor mats and liners come in padded and non-padded varieties, with faded versions including a thick layer of padding to insulate the floor and cushion impacts. While padding adds weight, it offers exceptional protection and is far more comfortable on your knees if you work out of your van!