2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 Truck Interior Accessories


While most enthusiasts opt for exterior and performance upgrades, don’t forget about the interior! After all, it’s where most of the time spent in your pickup is, anyways! At RealTruck, we carry a wide selection of accessories to improve your pickup’s interior protection, styling, organization, and comfort, ranging from high-quality seat covers to performance gauges and more!

Gifts for the Certified Clean Freak

There are two types of truck owners: those who prefer the look of a dirty pickup and those who can't stand filth! If the gearhead you’re shopping for is the latter, we carry several products to keep their ride clean and well-protected.  

Floor Mats & Liners

All-weather floor mats and liners are some of the first products we recommend for new vehicles, regardless of the climate or vehicle type. Whether you’re concerned with tracking in mud and snow from dirty boots or spilling a beverage on the floor, premium floor mats and liners will keep unsightly stains and messes off of a vehicle’s factory carpeting.

You can’t go wrong with a set of floor liners from Husky Liners, and we carry all three of the brand’s leading styles, including Husky Liners All Weather Floor Mats, Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners, and Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liners. Plus, all three models come in at sub-$150, with two costing under $100! 

Seat Covers

Keeping with the trend of interior protection, let’s move onto the most wear and tear-prone area of a vehicle’s interior: the upholstery! Whether subjected to messy kids, muddy dogs, sweaty clothes, or all of the above, a set of direct-fit seat covers from RealTruck will keep the interior clean and well-protected! 

We offer several products from the leading seat cover brands, including Covercraft, Fia, CalTrend, and many more! 

Types of Interior Truck Accessories

We carry several types of interior accessories, ranging from purely aesthetic upgrades to comprehensive upholstery protection. But that’s not all; check out some of our top interior accessories, categorized by primary purpose.

Interior Protection

Your pickup’s interior is highly susceptible to wear and tear, especially if you work in the trades, own a dog, or have a couple of kids in the backseat. Don’t let unnecessary stains and damage tear down your pickup’s resale value; instead, keep the interior protected with these products!

  • Sun Shades: Not only do UV rays heat your interior, but can cause damage to dashboards, seats, and plastic trim. Keep the sun’s harmful rays off of your interior with quality sun shades! 

  • Steering Wheel Covers: Protect your premium leather steering wheels from damage and reduce hand fatigue with a high-quality steering wheel cover! 

  • Floor Mats & Floor Liners: Keep your vehicle’s factory carpeting free from staining and worn fibers. 

  • Seat Covers: Guard against unsightly stains, rips, and tears! 

  • Dash Covers: Prevent cracking, brittling, and fading of your vehicle’s dashboard from continuous sun exposure. 

  • Cargo Liners: Keep abrasive and dirty cargo from damaging your ride’s cargo area, including plastics and carpeting. 

  • Van Window Screens: Prevent break-ins and accidental window damage while loading cargo into your van.

Visual Upgrades

These upgrades are generally aesthetic and improve the overall appearance of your pickup’s interior.

  • Pedals & Pedal Covers: Spice up your ride with a set of premium pedal covers, providing sporty styling to any standard, plastic pedals. 

  • Door Sills: Protect your ride’s door jambs from scuffs and dings while significantly improving styling. These sills come in several materials, finishes, and patterns, ensuring a perfect complement for your vehicle. 

  • Dash Kits: Replace your vehicle’s cracked, faded, or peeling dash with one of our premium dash kits!

Functional Accessories

These upgrades cover organization, data monitoring, and other functional accessories to improve your driving experience. 

  • Mobile Electronics Mounting Solutions: Secure your smartphone, tablet, or GPS in a sturdy and easily-accessible location. 

  • Gauges: Keep an eye on your vehicle’s vital engine and drivetrain parameters with our selection of gauges and digital monitors.   

  • Rear View Mirrors: Whether you’re looking for a factory-style replacement or an integrated backup camera mirror, check out our selection of premium rear-view mirrors! 

  • Consoles & Organizers: Keep your tools, equipment, and gear organized and out of the way. 

  • Van Partitions: Improve storage and separate the driver’s cabin from a dedicated workspace. 

  • Van Cranes: Make loading and unloading oversized equipment and cargo into your van a breeze with our selection of van cranes!

  • Van Shelving & Storage Systems: Organize your tools and equipment in your work van with our premium shelving and storage systems. 

And for further customization, check out our assortment of exterior accessories!