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2003 Ford Explorer Truck & Car Windshield Sun Shades

Sun Shade Benefits

Windshield sun shades are one of the simplest ways to preserve your ride’s interior and keep sweltering Summer temperatures at bay. Once placed in the windshield, sun shades reflect harmful UV rays out of the window, protecting the seats, dashboard, and plastic trim from drying, cracking, and discoloring. Aside from protecting the interior from unnecessary wear and tear, sun shades reflect heat, keeping your interior from climbing to dangerously high temperatures while parked in the sun. 

Plus, installation is a breeze! Or, the lack of installation! No tools are required; simply unfold the shade, place it atop the dash, and tuck it behind your rear-view mirror! 

Sun Shade Types

While “sun shade” typically refers to the windshield variety, we offer several sun shades on RealTruck! These include: 


The classic; windshield sun shades, like the Covercraft Custom Windshield Sun Shade, sit in your vehicle's windshield to reflect heat and UV rays away from your interior, preventing fading, cracking, and discoloration. 

Side Window

Side window sun shades, like the CLIM ART Custom Magnetic Sun Shades, mount to your vehicle's side windows to reduce glare and minimize heat. These shades are often used with small children or pets in the car to prevent dehydration and overheating. 


Overhead sun shades, like the Rugged Ridge Eclipse, mount to your Jeep’s roll bar to protect you and your passengers with the top off. These mesh shades provide minor wind and UV protection while maintaining the open-air feel of a topless Jeep! 

Top Windshield Sun Shade Brands

We offer windshield sun shades from all of the top manufacturers, including: 

Covercraft: Covercraft is a well-known automotive company specializing in automotive protection like premium seat covers and UV-resistant sun shades! All sun shades are USA-made and backed by a 1-year warranty. 

Coverking: Coverking is all about protection, specializing in seat covers, floor mats, front-end protectors, car covers, and–you guessed it–sun shades! Coverking sun shades are vehicle-specific, ensuring a flawless fit with minimal gaps for maximum protection. All products are backed by a limited 2-year warranty.

Weathertech: While Weathertech is known for its rugged all-weather floor liners, did you know that the company also produces high-quality windshield sun shades? Whether you’re looking for a windshield shade or a full-vehicle kit, Weathertech has you covered. All shades are USA-made and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring a lifetime of protection. 

Sun Shade FAQs

Do sun shades actually keep my car cool?

Yes, they do! Sun Shades are proven to lower interior temperatures significantly; if you don’t believe us, check out this article from Forbes!

What color sunshade works best?

Lighter, metallic sun shades typically work best; these shades reflect UV rays and heat rather than absorb it like darker colors. 

Can sunshades prevent damage to my interior? 

Yes, they can! Interior plastics and fabrics are susceptible to cracks and fading; have you ever seen an older car with discolored seats or a cracked dashboard? By keeping harmful UV rays off of your interior, sun shades reduce damage and wear.