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2021 GMC CanyonWinches

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Smittybilt X2O Gen2 12,000 lb Waterproof Winch
Smittybilt X2O Gen2 12,000 lb Waterproof Winch
From:  $794.99
Warn Zeon 12 Platinum Series 12000 lb Winch
From:  $1,951.99
Warn Zeon 12 Premium Series 12000 lb Winch
From:  $1,289.87
Warn Zeon 10 Platinum Series 10000 lb Winch
From:  $1,829.59
Warn M8 Series 8000 lb Winch
From:  $1,271.15
Warn Zeon Control Pack Relocation Kit
Warn Zeon Control Pack Relocation Kit
From:  $109.04
Superwinch S Series Winch
Superwinch S Series Winch
From:  $626.99
BullDog 8,000 lb Self Recovery Winch
Bulldog 8,000 LB Self Recovery Winch
From:  $449.99
Superwinch Winch 2 Go
Superwinch Winch 2 Go
From:  $419.99
BullDog ATV Winch
Bulldog UTV / ATV Winch
From:  $144.99
Superwinch ATV Winch
Superwinch ATV Winch
From:  $130.99
BullDog 2,000 LB ATV/UTV Snow Plow Winch 15021R2 01
Bulldog 2,000 LB ATV/UTV Snow Plow Winch
From:  $249.99
Bulldog 3400 LB Trailer Winch 15018 01
Bulldog 3,400 LB Trailer Winch
From:  $249.99
Bulldog 4400 LB Trailer Winch 15020 01
Bulldog 4,400 LB Trailer Winch
From:  $279.99
Smittybilt 1,000 lb Hard Top Hoist
From:  $318.99
Smittybilt XRC 3.0 3,000 lb Winch
From:  $331.99
Smittybilt XRC 4.0 4,000 lb Winch
From:  $344.99
Smittybilt XRC Gen2 9,500 lb Winch
From:  $397.99
Smittybilt XRC 9,500 lb Winch Recovery Kit
From:  $435.95
Rugged Ridge C10 Trekker Winch 15100.07 01
Rugged Ridge 10,000 LB Trekker Winch
From:  $472.99
BullDog 9,500 lb Self Recovery Winch
Bulldog 9,500 LB Self Recovery Winch
From:  $499.99
Smittybilt X2O Gen2 10,000 lb Waterproof Winch
Smittybilt X2O Gen2 10,000 lb Waterproof Winch
From:  $510.99
Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch
Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch
From:  $516.99
Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9,500 lb Winch
Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9,500 lb Winch
From:  $548.99
BullDog Winch 800 LB Hoist 12004 01
Bulldog Winch 800 LB Hoist
From:  $566.99
Superwinch SX 10000 Winch Gallery 02
Superwinch SX 10000 Winch
From:  $566.99
Superwinch LP8500 Series Utility and Off Road Winch
Superwinch LP8500 Winch
From:  $579.99
Rugged Ridge C12.5 Trekker Winch 15100.24 01
Rugged Ridge 12,500 LB Trekker Winch
From:  $587.99
Bulldog 12000lb Recovery Winch 10043 01
Bulldog 12,000 LB Recovery Winch
From:  $614.99
Smittybilt XRC Gen3 12,000 lb Winch
Smittybilt XRC Gen3 12,000 lb Winch
From:  $623.99


Winches are great for pulling yourself out of a muddy hole with a tree or for pulling the tree out itself. They're perfect for mounting on your grill guard, your trailer, your ATV or carrying around from job site to job site. We carry a large variety of winches for all types of applications including truck, Jeep and SUV winches, trailer winches, ATV / UTV winches, industrial grade winches and even brands geared specifically for racing. We even have winches that can handle reeling in your boat or pulling your truck muddy situation. Our winch capacities range from under 2,000lbs to over 30,000lbs, so you’ll be able to choose the perfect winch to suit your recovery needs.