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Chevy C/K Pickup 1500 Truck Bed Extenders

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Truck Bed Extenders

Tired of your pickup’s lackluster cargo capacity? Then consider a truck bed extender from RealTruck! We offer a wide assortment of truck bed extenders, including sport, HD, and moto styles, as well as tailgate load extenders. 

Unsure of which product will be ideal for your needs? Feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team for product information and assistance ordering. 

Why Do You Need a Bed Extender? 

Bed extenders are a worthwhile investment for any pickup, though especially so if you require more cargo room out of your short-bed. Rather than being limited by your pickup’s standard box length, a bed extender allows you to utilize the added cargo area of the tailgate without the risk of losing precious cargo. 

Styles of Bed Extender

Bed extenders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and applications. Check out our top-selling styles below!


A standard-style aluminum bed extender; this lightweight and durable product folds in and out for easy access and utilizes the majority of the tailgate. 


An oversized bed extender for maximum cargo area; this product features the same build quality as the sport, but utilizes nearly every square inch of cargo space offered by the tailgate. 


A traditional-style bed extender, custom-tailored for use with a motorcycle. With a triangular form factor and curved rear section, this product is designed to hug the rear tire of your motorcycle for maximum security. 

Load Extender

A hitch-mounted bed extender, engineered to improve weight distribution and cargo capacity. Ideal if you regularly transport building materials.