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2020 Acura RDX Truck Bed Cargo Slides

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DECKED Service Body Storage System
From:  $1,599.99
DECKED Halfrack 32
From:  $150.00
DECKED Core Trax 1000 Tie Down Tracks
From:  $25.00
DECKED Drawer Dividers
From:  $20.00
DECKED Sixer 16
From:  $90.00
DECKED Drawer Lock Set
From:  $50.00
DECKED Drawerganizer
From:  $30.00
DECKED D-Ring Tie-Downs
From:  $25.00
DECKED Stash Bins
From:  $25.00
CargoGlide Mounting Brackets
From:  $100.00
DECKED D-co Bin 32
From:  $125.00

Things to Consider when Choosing a Truck Bed Slide

Truck bed slides are a handy addition to any pickup, significantly easing cargo loading and unloading; however, there are several brands, models, and sizes on the market. To ease your decision, consider the following factors: 

Bed Size

How large is your pickup’s bed? And how much of the bed’s cargo space would you like the slide to take up? While bed slides come in several sizes, most consumers will benefit from the largest possible bed slide they can fit into their pickup’s bed, i.e., an 8-foot slide for an 8-foot bed, a 6-foot slide for a 6-foot bed, and so on! Regardless of your preference, measure your pickup’s bed before placing an order to ensure a perfect fit. 

Weight Capacity

Regarding weight capacity, consider the limits of the bed slide, as well as your pickup’s payload capacity. While it’s nice to have a bed slide with a high weight capacity, you’ll have to consider the weight of the slide compared to your pickup’s payload; there’s no point in having a bed slide with a 2,000-pound capacity if your truck can only handle 1,000 pounds!


Depending on your needs, expectations, and climate, you may have preferences regarding your bed slide’s construction. In a half-ton or mid-size, a lightweight aluminum bed slide may be the best option; however, in a heavy-duty application, rugged steel may better suit your needs. 

Security Features 

While some bed slides are low-tech, others feature several security and safety features like automatic locks, side rails, and non-skid decking. Before placing an order, determine which features are vital to you, and verify that your selected bed slide includes them! 

Top Truck Bed Slide Brands

At Realtruck, we carry all of the top cargo slide brands, including: 

  • CargoGlide: Commercial-grade bed slides featuring rugged steel frames, TPO-coated plywood decks, and aluminum rails to keep cargo safe and secure.  

  • Bedslide: Whether you’re a trade worker or weekend warrior, Bedslide’s premium cargo slides are up to the task!

  • Decked: Durable, composite drawer systems ideal for contractors, trades workers, frequent campers, and others who work from their pickups. With lockable drawers, a 2,000-pound weight capacity, and built-in tie-downs, the Decked bed system is one of the leading bed slides on the market.  

Maintaining Your Truck Bed Slide

While most truck bed slides feature sealed bearings, corrosion-resistant frames, and maintenance-free decks, it’s still wise to routinely clean and inspect the moving parts for damage/excess dirt and debris. Every so often, inspect the rails for excess dirt, grease, or corrosion, clear any debris wedged beneath the deck, and inspect moving parts for any excessive wear. 

Truck Bed Slide FAQs

How much weight can a truck bed slide carry? 

Depending on the brand and model, bed slide cargo capacities can vary; however, most can carry between 1,000–2,000 pounds. 

How long does a truck bed slide last? 

While this question is highly subjective, a cargo slide that’s used responsibly and according to the manufacturer's instructions should last indefinitely. 

How difficult is installing a truck bed slide? 

While not exceptionally challenging, installing a truck bed slide typically requires drilling holes into the bed floor. Additionally, due to the bed slide's sizable dimensions and heavy weight, it’s best to have an extra set of hands.