2001 Dodge Dakota Truck Bed Cargo Nets

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Covercraft Spidy Gear Luggage Webbs
Covercraft Spidy Gear Luggage Webbs
From:  $42.99
Core Cargo Sports Bag Net
Core Cargo Sports Bag Net
From:  $45.75
Core Truck Bed Cargo Net
Core Truck Bed Cargo Net
From:  $47.85
Rightline Gear Weatherproof Cargo Net
From:  $54.95
Bulldog Winch Cargo Restraint System
From:  $125.99
Rightline Gear Bungee Cargo Net
From:  $24.95
Bulldog Winch Mesh Cargo Net
From:  $146.99

Truck Cargo Nets

Truck bed cargo nets provide a safe and cost-effective means of securing your cargo in the bed, preventing valuables from shifting while driving. Whether loaded with lightweight cargo that could catch the wind and fly away or more substantial cargo that tends to slide around the bed, cargo nets can alleviate all your woes! 

Cargo nets provide similar functionality to a comparable cargo bar; however, they’re far softer and more pliable; where cargo bars may dent and scratch your valuables, like furniture and other painted/varnished items, cargo nets do not! Additionally, cargo nets conform to the shape of your pickup’s bed and cargo. 

Cargo Net Types

There are several types of cargo nets, including various fitments, patterns, and constructions. While the general principle is always the same, each style has particular benefits. 

  • Truck Bed Cargo Nets: Truck bed cargo nets keep cargo within the confines of your truck’s bed, hooking to the stake pockets or tie-downs to prevent any unnecessary spillover, especially with lightweight cargo. These nets come in several patterns and materials, including mesh, grid, spider, and solid waterproof variations. While most truck bed cargo nets are highly elastic, allowing them to fit a wide variety of pickup beds, others feature a stiff construction requiring additional bungee cords or tie-down straps

  • Tailgate Nets: Tailgate nets replace your pickup’s tailgate, keeping cargo in the bed while allowing air to pass through to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency! These nets are typically constructed from high-strength synthetic material and feature working load limits of 500 pounds or above, keeping your cargo safely in the bed where it belongs! 

  • Bag Nets: Bag nets are a convenient storage solution for loose gear and cargo in the bed. These nets feature a sturdy support that stretches from bed rail to bed rail with an integrated net, allowing you to drop items into the bag and securely transport them in your pickup’s bed! The bag can also act as a cargo divider, allowing you to section off the bed when necessary. 

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