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1994 Dodge Dakota Tailgate Protectors, Caps, and Covers

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ICI Diamond Plate Tailgate Cap
ICI Diamond Plate Tailgate Cap
From:  $55.21
Putco Stainless Steel Tailgate Cap
From:  $118.99

What Are Tailgate Protectors and Caps?

If you regularly haul cargo in your pickup’s bed, then you’re well aware of the damages that typically occur to the tops of tailgates. Everything from dropping heavy cargo on the tailgate to shifting cargo while driving can result in substantial dents, dings, and scratches, significantly degrading your pickup’s aesthetics. Instead of settling for a battle-scarred tailgate, prevent unnecessary damages with a premium tailgate protector, cap, or cover from RealTruck! 

These high-quality protectors wrap around the top edge of your pickup’s tailgate, guarding the paint and underlying alloy against damage while loading, unloading, and hauling cargo in the bed. And for additional protection against load shifts, consider investing in high-quality tie-downs, straps, and cargo bars.

Types of Truck Tailgate Protection

Tailgate protectors, caps, and covers come in several configurations, including different materials, styles, and specialty features.


While most tailgate caps are constructed from heavy-duty plastics, like ABS, others feature alloy constructions, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Each material has unique advantages; for example, ABS is relatively inexpensive and lightweight. 

Coated steel is incredibly durable; however, it’s also susceptible to rust and corrosion if the coating fails. 

Aluminum is exceptionally light and resistant to corrosion; however, it’s less impact-resistant than comparable steel offerings.

Stainless steel combines some of the best qualities of steel and aluminum, being that it's incredibly durable and corrosion-resistant, thanks to the alloy’s high chromium content.

Color and Finish

Aside from structural differences, tailgate protection can also look extremely different depending on the finish. While most tailgate caps, protectors, and covers feature a black finish–either the natural color of ABS or the coating color chosen to finish raw alloys–others are left in a raw/polished finish for added luster. 

Alloys like aluminum and stainless steel are often polished to a mirror-like finish and, thanks to their natural corrosion resistance, don’t require a top coat! However, it's important to note that raw aluminum will tarnish, requiring routine polishing to maintain its luster.


Tailgate protectors are offered in several patterns, including textured, smooth, and even diamond plate! While each pattern features outstanding aesthetics, textured and diamond plate provide added grip when climbing onto the tailgate; they also hide scuffs and minor dings far better than similar smooth tailgate protectors. 

Specialty Features

While most tailgate protectors are engineered solely to keep your truck’s tailgate damage-free, others, like the Anzo LED Tailgate Cap, offer additional features like integrated LEDs for increased visibility. 

While tailgate protectors, caps, and covers guard your truck’s tailgate against damage, what about theft? With tailgate thefts on the rise, consider investing in a heavy-duty tailgate lock.