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5th Wheel Tailgates

If you frequently haul a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer, consider installing a louvered 5th wheel tailgate to keep your pickup’s factory tailgate in tip-top shape! How often have you seen a mangled tailgate on a heavy-duty pickup, featuring the iconic dent/bow just above the tailgate handle? This characteristic damage typically stems from a nasty run-in with a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch, in which the driver forgot to lower the tailgate before hitching up or unhooking.

Factory tailgates aren’t cheap, especially on newer pickups with integrated cameras, power locks, and modular designs. Instead of risking the condition of your pickup’s expensive factory tailgate, invest in a louvered 5th-wheel tailgate! Not only do 5th-wheel tailgates save your ride’s factory equipment, but they also provide the clearance necessary for hitching and unhitching without ever dropping the tailgate while cutting weight and improving aerodynamics! 

Most 5th-wheel tailgates feature an aerodynamic louvered design, allowing air to pass directly through the tailgate to improve aerodynamics and, thus, fuel efficiency. Additionally, a strategically placed cut out at the upper middle of the tailgate provides clearance for a 5th wheel or gooseneck tongue to pass through, significantly minimizing the risk of contact. 

5th wheel tailgates are vehicle-specific, featuring a simple slip-on design that accepts your OE tailgate’s factory hardware and hinges. Typically, no assembly is required; just remove the factory equipment and install your new, louvered 5th-wheel tailgate!