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2022 Toyota Tundra 5th Wheel Hitches

5th Wheel Hitches

When towing a non-commercial trailer, you’ll have two primary hitch options: conventional tow-behind receivers and bed-mounted 5th-wheel hitches, the latter offering superior stability and far better maneuverability! If you opt for a 5th wheel setup for your next trailer, you’ll need a premium 5th wheel hitch to match; luckily, RealTruck has you covered! 

Selecting a 5th Wheel Hitch

There are a few factors to consider when selecting the ideal 5th-wheel hitch for your pickup. These include: 

  • Towing Capacity and Weight: Every 5th wheel hitch has a specific weight rating, dictating what size/weight of trailer you can safely tow. Additionally, every pickup has a designated towing capacity. When selecting your hitch, ensure it’s rated similarly to or above your pickup’s towing capacity, and ensure that the trailer you’re towing falls well under the weight rating of your 5th wheel hitch and towing capacity of your pickup.

  • Truck Bed Length: The length of your pickup’s bed is a factor that determines the mounting method of your 5th wheel hitch, either legs or slider. Before ordering your hitch, measure the bed to verify proper fitment.

  • 5th Wheel Hitch Styles: There are several styles of 5th wheel hitches, including puck-style, sliding, and removable vs. non-removable base rails. Before placing your order, knowing which hitch best suits your pickup is vital. For example, puck-style hitches are used in applications with factory-installed puck systems in the bed, engineered to accept a 5th-wheel hitch. Additionally, sliding hitches are engineered specifically for pickups with 6.5-foot beds or shorter, preventing contact between the trailer and the bed while maneuvering.

Top 5th Wheel Hitch Brands

Several companies manufacture 5th-wheel hitches, with some of the most popular being:

  • B&W: A popular choice for commercial pickups and family haulers alike. B&W 5th wheel hitches include such notable features as integrated polyurethane bushings for noise-free operation and a fully articulating head for smooth maneuverability in all conditions. 

  • Curt: Heavy-duty hitches for heavy-duty trucks! Curt 5th wheel hitches include such notable features as a rugged, corrosion-resistant Teridium finish and patented interlocking jaws for full kingpin contact & coupling security.

  • GEN-Y: Gen-Y specializes in hitch receivers and 5th-wheel kingpin boxes for various applications. The company’s patented torsion-flex systems reduce shock transfer from the trailer to your pickup, ensuring a safe and smooth ride. 

  • Blue Ox: A popular, budget-minded choice for frequent campers. Blue Ox hitches are offered in various fitments and include such features as a funnel-shaped hitch head for 360-degree nesting around the kingpin.

5th Wheel Hitch Accessories

After ordering your 5th wheel hitch, don’t forget the various supporting accessories! We carry everything you’ll need to set up your 5th-wheel trailer, including:

We also carry a wide selection of other towing equipment, from tow-behind hitch receivers to ball mounts, towing mirrors, and more!