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2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Jeep Hard Tops

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Smittybilt 1,000 lb Hard Top Hoist
From:  $342.98
Novawinch CH Series 500 LB Hoist 701001068770 01
Novawinch CH-Series 500 LB Hoist
From:  $101.45
Novawinch TH-Series 1,000 LB Hoist 701001068803 01
Novawinch TH-Series 1000 LB Hoist
From:  $380.36
BullDog Winch 800 LB Hoist 12004 01
Bulldog Winch 800 LB Hoist
From:  $644.99
Ez4X4 Ezhardtop Lift 1900 0074 01
EZ4x4 EZHardtop Lift
From:  $699.99
BullDog Winch 1,200 LB Hoist 12002 01
Bulldog Winch 1,200 LB Hoist
From:  $869.99

Hard Tops Vs. Soft Tops

When shopping for a new top for your Jeep or Bronco, you’ll encounter two common top styles–hard tops and soft tops–offering different aesthetics, weather resistant, theft resistance, and on-road comfort, amongst other qualities. However, aside from the ease of installation and storage, hard tops offer several benefits over their soft counterparts. Some of the most notable benefits include: 

  • Rugged Solid Construction: Hard tops are–well–hard; they’re constructed from rigid materials like lightweight aluminum or fiberglass and feature thick rubber seals, providing a comfortable, quiet, and air/water-tight cabin. 

  • Tear-Free: Unlike soft tops, which often incur tears and rips after years of exposure to the elements, hard tops’ fiberglass and glass construction ages like the rest of your Jeep! These materials don't break down like canvas and vinyl, allowing a lifetime of reliable service. 

  • Goodbye Zipper Woes: There’s nothing worse than a stuck or off-track zipper preventing you from opening or closing your Jeep’s windows. Luckily, hard tops eliminate these common Jeep woes with conventional glass side windows! 

  • Glass Vs. Vinyl Windows: Glass windows are superior to vinyl windows in nearly every way, namely durability. Vinyl windows, unlike glass windows, are highly prone to scratches and oxidation, often resulting in poor visibility. 

  • Security: The solid construction of a hard top offers far better theft resistance, seeing as most thieves can quickly cut through vinyl and canvas with any boxcutter or pocketknife to gain access to the interior; try doing that with a fiberglass top! 

  • Noise Reduction: If you’ve ever taken a quick cruise down the highway in a soft-top-equipped Jeep, you’re familiar with the ear-piercing flapping as the vinyl and canvas tops wave in the wind. While not necessarily luxurious, a hard-top-equipped Jeep is leaps and bounds quieter and more comfortable at high speeds, or any conditions for that matter!

Hard Top Installation & Removal

While installing and removing a hard top is traditionally a 2–3 man job due to the top’s heavy, awkwardly distributed weight, modern developments in hoists and lifts make solo removals and installation a breeze! Products like the Smittybilt 1,000 lb Hard Top Hoist allow for effortless removal of your Jeep’s hard top for storage in your garage or shop. 

Hard Top FAQs

Q: Can you install a hard top on a Jeep that originally came with a soft top? 

A: Of Course! Hard-top and soft-top-equipped Jeeps share the same tubs, making swapping between top styles a breeze. Your only other consideration is the doors; however, most manufacturers specify which styles are compatible with its tops. 

Q: What is a 3-piece hard top? 

A: 3-piece hard tops are engineered for easier removal and storage. Unlike traditional Jeep hard tops, which feature a one-piece design, 3-piece hard tops feature one large rear portion, consisting of the cargo area cover, rear hatch, and rear side windows, as well as two smaller front roof pieces. 

Q: How long does a hard top last? 

A: Indefinitely! Hard tops are manufactured from heavy-duty materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and glass; if stored and maintained properly, they can last the vehicle’s lifetime!