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Truck Wheel Well Tool Boxes

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Wheel well toolboxes are the perfect addition to any pickup, helping you utilize the dead space between your pickup’s wheel wells and tailgate. These small, handy toolboxes are perfect for recovery gear, small hand tools, emergency kits, and other compact and frequently-accessed cargo. 

Wheel Well Tool Box Constructions

Wheel well toolboxes come in various material constructions, each with unique benefits. 


Plastic wheel well toolboxes, like the UnderCover Swing Case Truck Bed Toolbox, feature a rugged polyethylene or ABS plastic construction, resisting impacts, abrasions, UV exposure, corrosion, and extreme temperatures for years of reliable service. These lightweight and sturdy toolboxes offer approximately 75 pounds of gear storage. Most include weather-resistant seals and locks to prevent moisture intrusion and theft, keeping your gear safe. 


Metallic wheel well toolboxes, like the Dee Zee Wheel Well Storage Drawers, are traditionally manufactured from lightweight aluminum, sturdy carbon steel, or corrosion-resistant stainless steel. These toolboxes offer greater durability compared to their plastic counterparts in exchange for heavier weight. 

Wheel Well Tool Box FAQs

Q: Are wheel-well toolboxes compatible with tonneau covers? 

A: This depends, but traditionally, yes! Most wheel-well toolboxes sit well below and far enough away from the bed rails to accept tonneau cover mounting rails. Some boxes, like the UnderCover Swing Case Truck Bed Toolbox, feature a swing-out design that’s engineered to work alongside a tonneau cover! 

Q: Are wheel-well toolboxes secure? 

A: Yes, again! Most wheel-well toolboxes feature integrated locks to prevent unauthorized entry without the included key. 

Q: How much can a wheel well toolbox hold? 

A: This answer depends on the brand and model; however, most wheel-well tool boxes provide approximately 2 cubic/feet of storage and can hold approximately 75 pounds of cargo.