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Which Tonneau Cover is Right for You?

Tonneau covers come in several different flavors, each featuring its own unique characteristics that lend it towards one consumer type over the other, but which is right for you? Let’s find out! 

Hard Folding

  • Rigid aluminum, poly, or composite panel construction

  • Most allow for ⅔ bed access but offer tool-free removal for rapid, complete bed access

  • Most offer 300–500 lbs. of load-carrying capacity (evenly distributed)

  • Theft and weather resistant


  • Strong aluminum, poly, or composite slat construction

  • Available in manual and power-retractable configurations

  • Locks in multiple positions between open and closed

  • Easily retracts into a bulkhead-mounted canister

Hard Roll Up

  • Durable vinyl-coated aluminum slat construction

  • Offers more security than soft roll up

  • Intuitive roll-up operation

  • Offers complete bed access

Soft Roll Up

  • Lightweight canvas or vinyl construction

  • Allows you to drive with the tonneau cover fully open or closed

  • Cost-effective option offering moderate theft resistance

  • Weather-resistant perimeter seals

Soft Folding

  • Lightweight canvas or vinyl construction

  • Aluminum frame and cross supports add rigidity and reduce sagging

  • Easy-to-operate folding design offers ⅔ bed access 

  • Cost-effective option offering moderate theft resistance

One Piece

  • Strong ABS composite or fiberglass construction

  • Can be painted to match your OEM paint color

  • Integrated lock for additional security

  • Clamshell operation with bulkhead-mounted hinges and integrated struts

Tool Box

  • Hard, Soft, Folding, and Roll-up options

  • Fits with your existing crossover truck bed tool box

  • Fits most 18–20-inch deep tool boxes

  • Integrated weather seals offer leak-free service

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

Durable Bed & Cargo Protection | Starting at $649.99

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers are a popular choice in the bed cover market; they’re renowned for next-level security, durability, and low-profile aesthetics that look great on any pickup! Hard folding tonneau covers offer maximum impact, theft, and weather resistance through their use of heavy-duty materials, like aluminum, poly, or composite top panels and EPDM rubber perimeter seals and hinges. Installing and operating hard folding tonneau covers is simple and intuitive; they offer ⅔ to complete bed access when opened, depending on the model.

Retractable Tonneau Covers

Low-Profile & High-Tech | Starting at $999.99

Retractable tonneau covers are the most flexible and visually streamlined truck bed cover options. These tonneau covers feature lightweight aluminum or composite slat construction, offering comprehensive cargo protection with a sleek, minimally-invasive aesthetic. We offer a wide selection of manual and electric retractable covers; however, both variants are intuitive, easy to use, and secure!

Hard Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Strong, Convenient Coverage | Starting at $1049.99

Hard roll-up tonneau covers offer the sturdy construction and theft resistance of similar hard tonneau cover styles with easy operation and complete bed access to similar soft covers!

These tonneau covers feature an interlocking aluminum slat construction with durable EPDM rubber seals or vulcanized vinyl outers, ensuring maximum strength and weather resistance. Hard roll-up tonneau covers are a durable and secure option for those who routinely require full bed access for oversized cargo or building materials.

Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Lightweight, Affordable Protection | Starting at $289.99

Quality tonneau covers don’t need to break the bank; canvas and vinyl soft roll-up tonneau covers are affordable options offering exceptional bed and cargo protection at an attractive price point. These covers feature rigid aluminum side rails lined with automotive-grade hook and loop fasteners to tightly secure the canvas or vinyl outer tarps. While base options are available, we offer several tiers or soft roll-up tonneau covers; higher-end options include such features as automatic tension control and quick, tool-free removal.

Soft Folding Tonneau Covers

Simplistic Bed Coverage| Starting at $299.99

Soft folding tonneau covers are lightweight and easy to operate, featuring a durable marine-grade vinyl or canvas tarp stretched over a rigid aluminum frame. This cost-effective option is theft and weather-resistant; it offers access to ⅔ of your truck bed, and several models feature quick-release, tool-free clamps for a simple installation or removal.

One-Piece Tonneau Covers

OEM-Style Security | Starting at $1199.99

One-piece tonneau covers are ideal for those that don’t frequently need full bed access or carry taller cargo. These OE-style covers feature a one-piece ABS composite or fiberglass that opens like a clamshell thanks to bulkhead-mounted hinges and integrated lift struts. 

One-piece tonneau covers feature exceptional theft and weather resistance; several models feature keyed lock cylinders for maximum security, preventing unauthorized access to your valuables in the bed. One-piece covers come in textured black and painted finishes, seamlessly integrating with any application for an OE-style fit and finish!

Tool Box Tonneau Covers

Tool-Box Compatible Bed Protection | Starting at $499.99

Having trouble deciding between a toolbox and tonneau cover for your pickup? With Tool Box Tonneau Covers, you don’t have to choose! These innovative tonneau covers come approximately two feet shorter than your vehicle’s bed, allowing clearance for 18–20-inch wide crossover toolboxes. Tool box tonneau covers come in hard, soft, folding, and roll-up styles for your ideal solution.