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Tool Box Tonneau Covers

Love the cargo protection of a tonneau cover, but require the organized tool storage provided by a tool box? With a tool box tonneau cover, you can have both! 

RealTruck offers a wide selection of tool box tonneau covers; for inquiries, contact our knowledgeable sales team, available seven days a week.  

What is a Tool Box Tonneau Cover? 

Tool box tonneau covers are an excellent addition to any pickup. These bed covers offer water-resistance and theft protection for your valuable cargo, while still allowing you to install a standard 20” tool box in the bed. 

Available Styles

Check out the two common styles of tool box tonneau cover below!

Tool Box/Tonneau Cover Combo

This sleek, one-piece bed cover/tool box combo features a durable alloy tool box with a built-in retractable bed cover.  

Folding Tool Box Tonneau Cover

The second style is engineered for use with a standard 20” tool box. This product is similar to conventional tri-fold soft tonneau covers; however, it’s manufactured to a 20” shorter length than your pickup’s bed, allowing room for the toolbox.
Note: Tool box NOT included.