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Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

When it comes to cargo protection, it’s tough to beat the durability, style, and security of a hard roll-up tonneau cover. At RealTruck, we offer a wide array of tonneau covers for your truck, including all of the top brands, models, and styles.

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Why Invest in a Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover? 

Ample cargo space—the reason that most owners invest in a pickup truck in the first place. However, while an open bed is great for loading and unloading cargo, it doesn’t do much to keep your valuables safe from poor weather or thieves; that’s where a hard roll-up tonneau cover comes in handy! 

Hard roll-up tonneau covers feature the durability of a hard bed cover with the intuitive design of a soft roll-up, making for a product that’s as easy to use as it is secure! Constructed from marine-grade vinyl or canvas stretched over tough aluminum or composite slats, hard roll-up bed covers are virtually impervious to knife slashes and tears. They’re also highly water resistant, keeping your cargo safe from water damage. 

And in the event you require full bed access, simply roll up the tonneau cover and secure it towards the bulkhead for nearly 100 percent access to your ride’s cargo space!


While not extreme differences, there are a few variations in the hard roll-up tonneau cover market to be aware of. 

Regarding latch designs, some models—such as the BAK Revolver X4s and Revolver X2—utilize proprietary locking rails to secure the tonneau cover across the length of the bed. Others—like the Truxedo Sentry and Sentry CT—utilize traditional slam latches to secure the rear of the cover in place. 

Other variations include canvas or vinyl overlays, powder-coated or raw aluminum slats, and other minor inconsistencies.