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Everything is automated nowadays—why not bring that technology to your truck’s tonneau cover? Electric retractable tonneau covers are a top-of-the-line bed accessory for your ride, blending the security and protection of a retractable tonneau cover with the convenience of an electric motor to do all the hard work for you.   

Check out RealTruck’s wide selection of electric retractable tonneau covers. For product inquiries and order assistance,contact our knowledgeable sales staff, available seven days a week.

Why Opt for an Electric Retractable Tonneau Cover?

One of the most significant benefits of pickup truck ownership is its massive cargo area. However, unless you order your ride with an overpriced factory bed cover, there isn’t much to protect your valuable cargo from nasty weather conditions and theft. 

You can’t beat an electric retractable tonneau cover for the ultimate convenience and cargo protection. Manufactured from cut-resistant aluminum or polycarbonate slats, electric retractable tonneau covers can withstand all of the abuse you’ll throw their way. When full bed access is required, just actuate the electric motor and watch the tonneau cover disappear into its canister. 

Aside from security, other benefits include sleek and streamlined aesthetics via a low-profile canister, effortless remote-control operation, and multiple locking positions for increased functionality.

Common Constructions

Electric retractable tonneau covers are manufactured with two primary materials. Check out the qualities and benefits of each below. 


Sturdy, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant—what’s not to love? Aluminum slats are the most common of the two constructions. However, unusually hard impacts may lead to bends or dents.


While not as commonly used as aluminum, polycarbonate slats are an excellent alternative. This tough, impact-resistant material—usually Lexan—is incredibly durable. As a type of plastic, polycarbonate slats won’t ever rust or degrade, making for long-lasting constructions.

RealTruck Expert Picks

Check out some of our staff’s top-recommended electric retractable truck bed covers.

Retrax® PowertraxPRO MX Tonneau Cover

Why we love it: 

  • Durable double-walled aluminum slat construction

  • Matte black powder coat finish

  • 500-lb. cargo capacity (evenly distributed)

  • Remote activation with two included key fobs

  • Low-profile canister sits flush with the bed rails

  • Sealed, maintenance-free ball bearing rollers for smooth operation

  • Integrated LED cargo light with an auto-shutoff function

  • Built-in water drainage system with drain tubes

  • Locks into place at any location along the tracks

  • American-made

  • Limited lifetime warranty | Prorated after 3 years

Why we love it: 

  • Convenient electric operation with intuitive wireless key fob

  • MaxTrak Rail System integrates two T-slot rails for accessory mounting

  • Robust dual-layer aluminum slat construction

  • Corrosion, UV, and abrasion-resistant matte black powder coat finish

  • Compact, ultra-low-profile 7.25-in. deep canister preserves valuable truck bed space

  • Integrated LED cargo light

  • Locks in any position along the tracks

  • Auto-stop feature automatically stops when it senses oversized cargo

  • Patented hinges boost security, delivering a nearly impenetrable seam to guard against theft, intrusion, and inclement weather

  • Simple clamp-on installation

  • Limited warranty | Prorated after 5 years