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Tonneau Cover Replacement Parts

Tonneau covers, like any item on your pickup, suffer wear and tear at the hand of the sun’s UV rays, extreme weather, and repeated use. When the time comes to refresh your tonneau cover, most pay hundreds, if not thousands, for a new tonneau cover replacement; however, there are far more affordable ways to rejuvenate your pickup’s bed cover! 

At RealTruck, we offer several tonneau cover replacement parts, allowing you to address only your tonneau cover’s damaged components to save your hard-earned cash! We offer several replacement components for all of the top brands, including:

  • Clamp Kits: Replacement clamps to secure your tonneau cover to the bed. Clamps are available in complete kits or individually. 

  • Hinge Parts: Hinges may wear and develop slop after years of repeated use; luckily, we offer replacement hinges for one-piece and folding covers, stiffening up your cover’s hinges for smooth operation.

  • Tonneau Cover Seals: If your tonneau cover’s weather-resistant EPDM rubber or foam seals have seen better days, invest in replacement seals from RealTruck to keep moisture out of the bed and off your valuables. 

  • Bumper Pads: Folding hard covers typically feature bumper pads to prevent damage to your pickup’s cab and back glass while in the full open/upright position. If these bumpers are cracked, dry-rotted, or altogether missing, we offer direct replacements!

  • Bolt Lock Assemblies: If you purchased your tonneau cover second-hand or lost the key, replace the entire bolt lock assembly! We offer direct replacement with pre-cut keys, making repairs quick and easy. 

  • Latch Bars: Replacement bars for hard folding tonneau covers with auto-latching rails. These latch bars fit middle or tailgate positions. 

  • Rail Kits: If your tonneau cover’s mounting rails have become damaged from normal wear and tear, we carry direct replacements for a solid installation. 

  • Velcro: Replace the worn hook-and-loop fasteners on your soft-rolling tonneau cover’s rails, ensuring a taut tarp and sleek aesthetic. 

  • Drain Tubes and Valves: Whether your tonneau cover’s drain tubes are cracked, hopelessly clogged, or altogether missing, replace them with our premium drain tubes and valves to route excess moisture out of the cab! 

  • Return Springs: Keep your BAK Revolver operating smoothly with fresh return springs! 

Replacement Parts for Top Tonneau Cover Brands

We offer replacement parts for all the top tonneau cover brands, especially the pricier models! Some of these top brands include: 

  • BAK Industries: BAK Industries is a provider of premium tonneau rolling, folding, and retracting tonneau covers. 

  • TruXedo: From budget-minded soft rolling tonneau covers to highly secure hard folding tonneau covers, TruXedo has it all! 

  • Extang: A reliable producer of all tonneau cover styles.

  • A.R.E.: A well-known manufacturer of premium camper shells and tonneau covers, specializing in durable fiberglass. 

We also replacement parts for all of the top tonneau cover styles, including: 

  • One-Piece

  • Retractable

  • Soft-Folding

  • Hard-Folding

  • Rolling

And more!