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One-Piece Tonneau Covers

One-piece tonneau covers offer a sleek and stylish design consisting of a single piece of reinforced ABS plastic or fiberglass. These covers are highly rigid and durable, providing exceptional security, especially when paired with locking handles. With a one-piece tonneau cover installed on your pickup, cargo in the bed is safer than items locked in the cab! 

One-piece tonneau covers feature clamshell operation, in which bulkhead-mounted hinges allow the cover to pivot upwards from the rear; integrated supports hold the cover in the open position while loading and unloading cargo. Though this operation provides considerable bed access while loading and unloading cargo, oversized items that protrude above the bed rails are nearly impossible to transport. Luckily, most lightweight ABS plastic covers offer quick removal if necessary. 

One-piece tonneau covers offer exceptional weather resistance with heavy-duty, integrated perimeter seals. Whether you’re spraying off the cover with a hose or getting caught in a rainstorm, a one-piece tonneau cover ensures your valuables stay clean and dry. The lack of moisture intrusion is ideal for loading sensitive cargo, best paired with a carpeted bed liner!

One-Piece Tonneau Cover Options

While all one-piece tonneau covers feature a similar solid design, several variances exist between brands and models, including construction, finish, and other unique features. 

Regarding construction, most modern one-piece tonneau covers are manufactured from lightweight ABS plastic rather than the heavy yet strong fiberglass constructions of previous decades. To account for the lower strength of ABS, most manufacturers employ strategically placed internal bracing, like Undercover’s patented X-Effect Infrastructure. However, it’s not uncommon to find classic fiberglass one-piece tonneau covers on the market. 

Regarding aesthetics, there are two common finishes on the market: textured black and painted. Both options deliver a sleek and durable finish.

Other features that set models apart from one another include: 

  • Integrated LED cargo lighting to help illuminate your truck bed

  • Included wall mount for safe and convenient storage

  • Integrated cargo retriever to access items near the bulkhead 

  • Carpeted headliner for a premium finish