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1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Spoilers and Jeep Wrangler Spoilers

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Spoilers for Jeeps and Trucks

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your truck, Jeep, or SUV? Then consider installing a premium spoiler from RealTruck. Aftermarket spoilers provide your ride with a sleek, sporty appearance! 

Spoilers are commonly found on performance vehicles, including some high-end sports trucks! While these products significantly improve styling, they aren’t just for show. 

They also improve performance by smoothing airflow, reducing drag, and increasing aerodynamics. These benefits aren’t just helpful on the race track, but also at the gas pump! Increased aerodynamics means better fuel efficiency and, thus, less time and money spent filling up the tank!

Spoiler Styles

Spoilers come in several configurations, ranging from smooth, minimalist designs, like the EGR Truck Cab Spoiler, to vibrant, illuminated spoilers, like the American Modified Rear Roof Spoiler. Regardless of your stylistic preference, RealTruck offers a product for you!

Most spoilers feature a durable yet lightweight construction molded from durable polycarbonate or ABS plastic. Due to their lightweight construction, most spoilers require only double-sided adhesive for mounting, making for a hassle-free, peel-and-stick installation.

Additional Performance Upgrades and Exterior Accessories

Pair your new spoiler with exterior upgrades and performance parts to match! We offer a sizable catalog of parts to transform your truck, Jeep, or SUV into a certified street machine, including: 

  • Lighting: Improve visibility and style with our selection of lighting products and accessories, making your ride stand out, even in the dark! 

  • Performance Packages: Give your ride the performance it deserves with our comprehensive performance packages, including everything necessary to boost power and efficiency. 

  • Programmers and Monitors: Nothing beats a simple installation, and it doesn't get much easier than a programmer or monitor! Programmers modify parameters in your vehicle’s factory computer for dyno-proven performance gains. While monitors don’t bolster performance, these accessories help you to keep an eye on vital engine parameters, keeping the drivetrain safe from electrical faults and mechanical failures. 

  • Hoods and Hood Scoops: Give your ride a sporty, aggressive appearance with an aftermarket hood or hood scoop! Most hood scoops feature simple, peel-and-stick installations, making mourning a breeze.