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2011 GMC Canyon Truck Racks

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Vanguard Adjustable Ladder Racks
Vanguard Adjustable Ladder Racks
From:  $168.00
Bully Truck Rack
Bully Truck Rack
From:  $189.99
Pace Edwards Utility Rig Truck Rack
From:  $563.00
Hauler Econo Truck Rack
Hauler Econo Truck Rack
From:  $397.92
ProRac STR Soft Tonneau Cover Rack
ProRac STR Soft Tonneau Cover Rack
From:  $602.17

Truck Racks for Pickups

Do you regularly haul oversized cargo in your truck? Or perhaps you’re looking for a solid location to mount your new pop-up tent? In either scenario, a premium truck rack will do the trick, making efficient use of your ride’s available cargo space. 

RealTruck carries the largest inventory of truck racks, including brands, styles, and finishes. To determine the right rack for your needs, check out our applicable articles from Realsource—your source for articles on all things truck, Jeep, and more! 
And for further assistance, contact our knowledgeable sales team. 7 days a week, our representatives are available to provide order assistance and product information. 

Why Install a Rack on Your Truck? 

Truck racks efficiently make use of your truck’s available cargo space, keeping the bed clear for supplies, gear, tools, and more, while allowing you to transport everything from boards to kayaks and rooftop tents above the immediate bedspace!

Styles of Truck Rack


The venerable contractor rack, engineered to safely transport boards, lengths of pipe, and any other oversized cargo! With several integrated tie-downs, oversized rails, and a durable construction, contractor racks are ready to hit the jobsite! 


Sleek, lightweight, easy-to-install, and stylish; can you ask for more? Economy truck racks are the ideal product for those that appreciate functionality, but don’t require a professional-grade contractor rack; best used for mid-sized loads. 

Service Body 

On the hunt for a rack that’s compatible with your truck’s service bed? RealTruck has you covered! Our inventory of service body racks can be bolted directly to your vehicle's service bed, allowing you to carry all of your tools and equipment, along with oversized cargo.

Side Mount  

Also known as “ladder racks,” side-mount truck racks take up only a portion of your truck’s overhead bed space, allowing you to carry boards or a ladder on one side, while keeping the other open for furniture or practically anything else! 

Topper and Canopy

Tired of being unable to haul oversized cargo with a topper/canopy covering the bed? Then consider investing in a premium topper and canopy truck rack, compatible with your ride’s camper shell. We carry a variety of topper and canopy racks that can be installed directly to your topper’s roof or between the topper and your bed rails.