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Whether you’re living an active lifestyle or taking the family on vacation, Roof Cargo Carriers are a terrific storage solution! These convenient composite boxes, alloy racks, or synthetic bags mount directly to your vehicle’s roof rack cross bars, keeping luggage and other bulky cargo out of the passenger cabin or trunk.

Types and Sizes of Roof Cargo Carriers

Roof cargo carriers come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, ensuring a product that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences. Some of the most popular include: 

  • Roof Rack Cargo Baskets : These heavy-duty alloy baskets mount to your vehicle’s roof rack crossbars, providing a large, open platform that’s ideal for hauling coolers, totes, and other oversized cargo. Most feature raised sides, keeping your cargo in place and providing a stout tie-down location for straps and ropes

  • Roof Cargo Boxes: Roof cargo boxes mount to your vehicle’s crossbars and provide a large, enclosed, weatherproof, and lockable storage bin for all of your valuables. Roof cargo boxes are typically manufactured from lightweight composite materials and feature sleek, aerodynamic designs to reduce drag. 

  • Roof Cargo Bags: Roof Cargo Bags are tough, fabric bags manufactured from rugged synthetic materials, offering moderate weather resistance and an enclosed design, similar to cargo boxes. While not as rigid or aerodynamic as cargo boxes, roof cargo bags can be removed, rolled up, and stored in a compact footprint when not in use; you can easily leave them in the trunk or toolbox until needed!  

Considerations When Selecting Your Cargo Carrier

  • Size: What do you want to transport? You’ll need a cargo carrier with the ideal shape and size to support the cargo you plan to carry. For example, long items are better suited for cargo boxes, while cargo baskets are ideal for loading tall items or stacking cargo.

  • Coverage: Do your items need to be protected from the elements? Both cargo bags and boxes offer comprehensive protection against water, UV rays, dirt, and more, ideal for hauling sensitive cargo like clothing or electronics. 

  • Height: Do we have clearance, Clarence? Consider the height of your vehicle, crossbar type, and box height, ensuring your vehicle fits into parking garages or home garages without issue. Flatter storage solutions like racks and bags may be better suited for low-clearance parking structures. 

  • Weight: How much weight can Cargo Boxes Support? What can happen when overloading the car roof? Most cars’ active roof-loading limit is between 75 and 160 pounds; by comparison, a roof rack's capacity is generally around 165 pounds. Overloading your vehicle’s roof can make it unpredictable and difficult to control while turning, braking, and accelerating. 

  • Security: Does your cargo box have a built-in lock system? Most roof cargo boxes have an integrated lock mechanism, bolstering security and theft resistance. Additionally, it’s essential to order a cargo carrier that locks onto your roof rack’s cross bars, or else thieves can quickly make away with the entire cargo carrier and everything inside!