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2021 Ford Bronco Rock Sliders

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Havoc Offroad TrailCrawler Steps Main Image
Havoc Offroad TrailCrawler Steps
From:  $479.99
N-Fab RKR Step Systems Main Image
N-Fab RKR Step System
From:  $449.99
N-Fab TrailSlider Step System 01
N-Fab TrailSlider Step System
From:  $699.99
Go Rhino Dominator DS Sliders 01
10% OFF
Go Rhino Dominator DS Sliders
From:  $498.10$553.45
10% OFF
Go Rhino Dominator D1 Side Steps
From:  $514.94$572.16
10% OFF
Go Rhino Dominator DSS Sliders
From:  $514.94$572.16
Go Rhino Dominator Xtreme Dt Side Steps 68 01
10% OFF
Go Rhino Dominator Xtreme DT Side Steps
From:  $514.94$572.16
Go Rhino Frame Mounted Sliders Main Image
10% OFF
Go Rhino Frame Mounted Sliders
From:  $560.79$623.10
15% OFF
APS Truck Armor Side Steps
From:  $166.14$195.47
10% OFF
ZROADZ Rock Slider Side Steps
From:  $98.50$109.45
LoD Offroad Signature Rock Sliders 01
LoD Offroad Signature Rock Sliders
From:  $1,124.10
Fab Fours Tube Rock Sliders
From:  $859.99
LoD Offroad Armor Lite Rock Sliders 01
Lod Offroad Armor Lite Rock Sliders
From:  $139.50
Westin Xts Rock Sliders 42 14185 01
Westin XTS Rock Sliders
From:  $799.99
Bodyguard Freedom Series Sliders Lpf21Mb Main
Bodyguard Freedom Series Sliders
From:  $795.00
LoD Offroad Destroyer Rock Sliders 01
LoD Offroad Destroyer Rock Sliders
From:  $1,067.40
Attice 4X4 Terra Side Steps Main
Attica 4x4 Terra Side Steps
From:  $729.99

What Are Rock Sliders?

Whereas running boards are geared towards easing entry into the cab, rock sliders are all about protection; after all, why beat up the Jeep or pickup you’ve just dumped hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of suspension, wheels, tires, and other upgrades into? Rock sliders, like nerf bars and running boards, sit just below your vehicle’s rocker panels, guarding the sheet metal against damage from rocks, felled trees, and other obstacles while wheeling. Rock sliders are typically constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel for maximum strength and durability, ensuring maximum protection and minimal body damage.

How to Choose Rock Sliders

With so many products on the market, how can you choose just one pair of sliders? When browsing our extensive inventory, consider the following factors:


How would you like your sliders to fit? At RealTruck, we carry various fitments, including cab length and wheel-to-wheel. While most Jeep sliders, like the Fab Fours Tube Rock Sliders, stretch from tire to tire, truck sliders come in two configurations. Cab-length rock sliders extend the length of the cab, covering the front and rear doors (if applicable). Alternatively, wheel-to-wheel rock sliders, like the Smittybilt M1 Series Sliders, extend from the beginning of the cab (just behind the front tires) to the beginning of the rear wheel wells, covering the front section of the bed as well as the cab.


Rock sliders come in several sizes; some are beefier than others, featuring wider-diameter, thick-wall tubing, while others rely on comparatively thinner and narrower tubing. Sizing also pertains to the height of the sliders, as some extend lower than others to provide more protection–at the expense of ground clearance.


What’s your preferred aesthetic? Rock sliders come in various styles, ranging from angular, square-tube to round tubing. Some are minimalistic, featuring only tubing, like the N-Fab Rock Rails, while others feature welded-on step plates to ease entry into the cab, like the Havoc HST Black Running Boards


Rock sliders are all about durability, and some materials are more durable than others. While most rock sliders are manufactured from high-strength steel tubing, others sacrifice durability for lighter weight and corrosion resistance, like the aluminum APS Truck Armor Side Steps.


What’s your preferred aesthetic? While most sliders are engineered for off-road purposes, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks! While most sliders come exclusively in black, others feature raw or brushed elements for added styling, like the Smittybilt Apollo Rock Sliders.