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Power Running Board Benefits

If you’re interested in the convenience and accessibility benefits of running boards but aren’t wild about their impact on aesthetics and ground clearance, check out our selection of power running boards and power steps! 

These innovative running boards feature integrated hinges and electric motors, allowing the boards to deploy each time a door opens and retract against the rocker panels when not in use! Electric running boards offer the ultimate blend of convenience and aesthetics; they’re there when you need them and tightly tucked away when you don't! 

These aren’t the only convenience benefits, however. Most power running boards include several handy features, like integrated LED convenience lights to prevent misstepping, tripping, or stepping into deep mud or slush. Additionally, most electric running boards drop significantly lower than their fixed-position counterparts. AMP Research, a leading power step manufacturer, offers an extension kit that drastically eases entry into your vehicle’s cab, ideal for lifted applications.

Power Running Board Features

Electric running boards are built to last, featuring robust aluminum constructions capable of withstanding 650 pounds, stainless steel hinge pins and hardware, non-slip tread, and premium electric motors and wiring harnesses. Most models offer straightforward installation (some drilling required) and simple plug-and-play integration into your vehicle’s factory OBD2 port. 

We offer all of the top electric running board brands, including: 

  • AMP Research: The originators of the electric running board. AMP Research is renowned as the largest manufacturer of power-retractable steps and has years of experience doing so. Recently, RealTruck quired AMP Research; that means you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer when you order a set of AMP Research steps from us!

  • Go Rhino: New to the power-step game but not new to the auto industry is Go Rhino! Renowned for its heavy-duty bumpers, sliders, and body armor. Go Rhino is another RealTruck brand; when you order Go Rhino E1 Electric Running Boards or any other Go Rhino products from us, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer! 

  • Rock Slide Engineering: Rock Slide Engineering produces high-end, heavy-duty sliders with integrated electric steps, bolstering durability and convenience!