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2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 Hood Scoops & Hood Shocks

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Hood Scoops, Shocks, and Catches

At RealTruck, we carry a variety of functional and aesthetic hood accessories, including hood scoops, hood shocks, and hood catches.

Hood Scoops

Hood scoops are both a functional and aesthetic modification, consisting of an air scoop fitted to your vehicle’s hood. Some models are fully functional, in which a hole is cut into the hood to effectively funnel air into the intake, thus increasing the amount of cool, dense air under the hood. Others, however, are purely aesthetic, featuring a no-drill, peel-and-stick installation.

Hood Shocks

Hood shocks, also known as hood struts and hood lifts, replace a conventional hood prop, holding your hood open for servicing and inspection. While effective when new, hood shocks typically lose their charge after years of service, resulting in weak or non-functional struts; however, a quick replacement from RealTruck returns full functionality to your ride’s hood!

Hood Catches

We also offer Jeep hood catch replacements, repairing damaged hood catches that fail to keep your Jeep’s hood securely closed. Hood catches also come in locking versions, adding an extra layer of security to prevent theft and break-ins! 

Hood Scoop Types

There are several hood scoop styles, each offering different aesthetics and functionality. Some of the most common include: 

Cowl Hood Scoops

Cowl hood scoops, like the Rugged Ridge Jeep Cowl Hood Scoop, are a popular scoop style popularized by 60s–70s-era muscle cars; they serve two primary purposes: venting hot air out of the hood and increasing clearance for oversized intake manifolds or, on vintage applications, taller carburetors and air filters. Unlike traditional hoop scoops, cowl hoods feature a rearward-facing air vent rather than a front-facing. As a result, they serve primarily as hot air vents rather than cool air intakes.  

LED Hood Scoops

LED hood scoops, like Westin LED Hood Scoops, feature embedded LED running lights in the scoop’s grille. Considering that these scoops block the air inlet, they’re a purely aesthetic upgrade. 

Hood Scoop Installation

Hood scoops offer several different installation options, from entirely non-invasive to requiring holes cut and drilled into your ride’s factory sheet metal! 


Tape-on hood scoops feature the simplest and quickest installation of all hood scoop styles, requiring nothing besides a clean application area and a good eye. These hood scoops feature pre-installed, automotive-grade adhesive for a simple peel-and-stick installation; simply prep the application area, peel off the adhesive backing, and press firmly to initiate a semi-permanent bond!


Bolt-on hood scoops are relatively self-explanatory, featuring a convenient bolt-on design. While most reuse factory holes in the hood, others may require minor drilling and other modifications to ensure a flawless finish and secure mounting. 

Full Hood Replacement

Alternatively, some enthusiasts replace their vehicle’s entire hood with an aftermarket version featuring a molded hood scoop. While replacement hoods feature a bolt-on installation, they often require professional body and paint work for a flawless fit and finish. They’re also more expensive than their bolt-on and tape-on counterparts. 

More Performance Upgrades

In addition to hood scoops, we offer a full selection of performance products to boost your ride’s efficiency and overall power. Some of our top categories include: 

  • Air Intakes: Performance intake systems featuring high-flow conical filters and non-restrictive intake pipes to increase airflow.

  • Air Filters: High-flow air filters manufactured from premium synthetic, cotton, or paper materials. 

  • Cooling System: Upgrade your ride’s cooling system to keep the engine operating cooler and more efficiently! 

  • Exhausts & Mufflers: High-flow mufflers boost performance, efficiency and provide a deep, rich exhaust tone.   

  • Performance Packages: These all-inclusive packages boost performance and efficiency, usually containing intakes, exhausts, and even performance tuners.