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t-rex bar billet bumper grille
15% OFF
T-Rex Bar Billet Bumper Grille
From:  $50.57$59.50
putco diamond bumper grille 01
Putco Diamond Bumper Grille
From:  $85.99
putco punch bumper grille 01
Putco Punch Bumper Grille
From:  $69.99
Putco Hex Shield Bumper Grille
From:  $48.99
15% OFF
T-Rex Upper Class Mesh Bumper Grille
From:  $50.57$59.50
fuel x-metal bumper grille
Fuel X-Metal Bumper Grille
From:  $230.00
putco shadow bumper grille
Putco Shadow Bumper Grille
From:  $80.99
Putco Ford Bumper Grille
From:  $48.99
15% OFF
T-Rex X-Metal Bumper Grille
From:  $76.07$89.50
15% OFF
T-Rex Sport Mesh Bumper Grille
From:  $59.07$69.50
APS Sheet Grille
From:  $52.95
15% OFF
T-Rex Laser Billet Bumper Grille
From:  $121.01$142.37
putco designer fx bumper grille
Putco Designer FX Bumper Grille
From:  $135.99
15% OFF
T-Rex Laser X-Metal Bumper Grille
From:  $203.57$239.50

Bumper Grilles

Boost your ride’s styling and improve front-end protection with a high-quality bumper grille from RealTruck! Our selection of billet, mesh, and punch-plate bumper grilles significantly improves styling, especially if you pair them with a matching grille! We offer various styles and finishes, tailoring to any ride and build style! 

Off-road, bumper grilles can protect sensitive, puncture-prone front-end components, like the radiator, intercooler, and A/C condenser, against brush, branches, and other debris! When you’re deep into the remote wilderness on a challenging trail, the last thing you’ll want to do is spring a fluid or boost leak!

Bumper Grille Options

Bumper grilles come in various configurations, including assorted mounting options, styles, and finishes.

Installation Process

Depending on your automotive knowledge, skillset, and available tools, the installation process of a bumper grille may contribute to your decision. Bumper grilles come in three primary installation methods, including:  

  • Complete Replacement: Complete replacement bumper grilles replace the entire grille and grille housing. These bumper grilles typically offer a simple bolt-on installation; however, some disassembly is required. 

  • Inserts: Bumper grille inserts are another popular choice; however, they may require some trimming or modifications to your vehicle’s factory bumper for installation. 

  • Overlays: Bumper grille overlays are typically the least expensive option, installed over the factory bumper grille (if applicable). Depending on the brand and style, overlays may feature adhesive or bolt-on installation.

Material and Finish

Bumper grilles are typically constructed from corrosion-resistant alloys, like aluminum or stainless steel. Both materials resist rust and extreme oxidation, making them ideal for exterior accessories! Other materials include steel and plastics; however, these are less common. 

Aside from materials, bumper grilles also come in several finishes! Whether you’re looking for a lustrous polished/chrome bumper grille or a sleek, black version, we carry them all!

Pattern and Styling

Bumper grilles also come in various styles and patterns, ensuring a finish that complements every build! Some of the most popular styles include classic billet, punch plate, and mesh! We also carry illuminated bumper grilles, featuring integrated LED lights for improved low-light visibility, like the T-Rex Laser Torch Bumper Grille.