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2017 Dodge Journey Grille Guards

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Go Rhino Replacement Grille Guard End Plug Kit P200B 01
Go Rhino Replacement Grille Guard End Plug Kit
From:  $23.39

Protect your truck or SUV’s front end with a rugged grille guard from RealTruck! Our catalog of grille guards–also referred to as brush guards–is full of heavy-duty offerings in a variety of styles and finishes. 

Need assistance selecting the right product for your needs? Contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates for additional information, available seven days a week. 

Why Choose a Grille Guard?

Several crucial components are located at the front end of your pickup; the radiator, various fluid coolers, headlights, and more are all susceptible to damage in the event of an impact.

With durable alloy constructions, grille guards protect your pickup’s front end against numerous obstacles, including dense brush, branches, and even the occasional deer. 

Grille Guard Styles


Standard grille guards are designed for protection, featuring wrap-around headlight hoops, mesh grille shields, and durable main brackets to guard the bumper. Many standard grille guards also include pre-welded tabs for auxiliary lighting. 


Winch-mount grille guards perform all of the tasks of a standard grille guard, with the addition of a reinforced plate to mount a full-size winch. On applications where additional recovery equipment is required, consider a winch-mount grille guard. 

We carry a huge selection of grille guards with chrome, stainless, black, and silver finishes available.