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1999 Ford Ranger Bumper Guards

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Bumper Guard Benefits

Are you tired of finding fresh dings and dents on your truck, Jeep®, or SUV’s bumpers from careless drivers in tight parking lots and streets? Prevent unnecessary bumps and abrasions with our selection of premium bumper guards.

Bumper guards are similar to grille guards and bull bars, though they feature a far lower profile. Rather than extending upwards across the grille, headlights, and hood, bumper guards cover only the front and rear bumpers with rugged alloy tubing. Bumper guards help to protect your vehicle’s delicate painted plastic bumper covers against damages from minor impacts and abrasions, rogue shopping carts, and other low-speed hazards.

RealTruck Expert Pick: Vanguard Endurance Runner Black Bumper Guard

Why we love it: 

  • Sporty, tubular design

  • Made with heavy-duty, 2.5-in. Q235 structural steel

  • Stylish and durable black powder coat finish

  • Offers maximum protection for your front bumper

  • Integrated skid plate with laser-cut Vanguard logo

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Bumper Covers

Alternatively, we also offer bumper covers, which retain your vehicle’s factory-inspired appearance while bolstering protection. These systems consist of multi-piece skins that slip over the factory bumper. 

Most bumper covers feature robust ABS composite constructions for superior impact and abrasion resistance. Installations are generally as simple as prepping the bumper, peeling the adhesive backing, and sliding over your vehicle’s factory bumper.

RealTruck Expert Pick: Ecoological BumperShellz Front Bumper Covers

Why we love it: 

  • Protects your vehicle’s front bumper

  • Manufactured from heavy-duty ABS composite 

  • Injection-molded color won’t fade or scratch off

  • Simple peel-and-stick installation

  • Retains OEM appearance 

  • Made in the USA

Bumper Guards Vs. Bull Bars

While bumper guards and bull bars both focus on bumper protection, there are several differences between the two. For example, bumper guards are offered in front and rear configurations, whereas bull bars are only available for the front. Aesthetically, bull bars are typically narrower and taller than bumper guards, covering the center of the bumper and the grille. On the other hand, bumper guards are broad and short, protecting only the bumper.

Bumper Guard FAQs

Q: Are bumper guards worth it? 

A: Yes. Bumper guards provide your vehicle with comprehensive protection, preventing scratches and dings that’d otherwise lower your vehicle’s resale value. 

Q: How long does it take to install a bumper guard?

A: Bumper guards typically feature a simple bolt-on installation. With no modifications required, installation takes approximately one hour. 

Q: Are front or rear bumper guards more useful? 

A: Both. Front bumper guards are excellent at protecting your vehicle’s front bumper if you happen to clip a trash can or shopping cart, while rear bumper guards protect your vehicle’s rear bumper from minor rear-end impacts or fender benders. In either case, front and rear bumper guards serve the same purpose: protection.