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2014 GMC Terrain Truck Wind Deflectors, Visors, & Rain Guards

Protect Your Vehicle from Bugs and Debris, in Any Season!

Bugs are a burden; aside from buzzing around your ride in the Summer months, they’re also quick to get stuck in your radiator, AC condenser, and other front-end fluid coolers, reducing airflow and, thus, efficiency. To protect the components behind your ride’s grille against excess bug splatter, consider investing in a premium bug screen or winter front!

Bug Screens

Bug screens, like Fia Custom Front Grille Bug Screens, are thin yet durable mesh layers that cover your ride’s grille, preventing insects, leaves, and other debris from clogging up the radiator, AC condenser, and fluid coolers. These screens are manufactured from durable, tear-free mesh to withstand the elements; however, the mesh is extremely high-flowing, allowing maximum airflow to pass through the grille for peak efficiency.

Winter Fronts

While Winter Fronts may appear visually similar to bug screens, they offer several additional features that lend them to Winter driving. Winter Fronts, like the Fia Custom Winter Front and Bug Screen, feature a thick, non-porous outer cover that blocks airflow to the radiator and engine bay. 

Now, you may wonder how this can benefit an engine. Well, it won’t in the Summer; however, in the Winter months, Winter fronts keep freezing air from passing over the radiator, allowing the engine to reach operating temperatures quickly. 

In freezing temperatures, Winter fronts can shorten warm-up times and increase efficiency. 

Aside from raising engine temps, Winter fronts can double as bug screens to prevent insect splatter and even damage due to kicked-up road debris! For additional bug protection, check out our selection of bug shields and bras!

Guard Against Wind, Moisture, and Debris!

Bugs aside, there are a few more contaminants you won't want creeping into your interior or engine bay, including wind, moisture, and debris! Luckily, we carry the products to keep your ride protected. 

Sun/Dust Guards

These guards, like the EGR Truck Cab Spoiler, direct dust and debris past the rear of your pickup’s cab, preventing excess dirt and debris from collecting on the rear window. Additionally, they help to shield the rear window and passengers from sunlight, keeping the interior cool and comfortable.

Sunroof Deflectors

Sunroof deflectors, like the AVS Sunroof Wind Deflector, are installed in front of your vehicle’s sunroof, redirecting wind and moisture up and over the sunroof. While these deflectors won’t shield you from a downpour, they’re effective in misty/drizzly conditions or at high speeds where excess wind is present.

Vent Visors

Vent visors, like the Stampede Tape On Window Deflectors, attach to your vehicle’s upper side windows along the A-pillar. These visors, like sunroof deflectors, deflect wind and moisture away from your side windows, making for a quieter, drier, and all-around more comfortable driving experience.

Wiper Cowls

Wiper Cowls, like the Fab Fours Vi-Cowl, help to protect your vehicle’s cowl, A-pillars, and windshield against impacts, abrasions, and debris, keeping the front of the cab free from dings, chips, and scratches. Additionally, wiper cowls cover the factory grilles in your vehicle’s wiper cowl, preventing leaves, dirt, pine needles, and other debris from contaminating and gumming up the wiper linkage.