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Car & Truck Covers

As with any investment, protecting your truck, Jeep, or SUV from damage is vital to guard its like-new finish and maintain its resale value! There’s no better solution than a premium car cover from RealTruck, protecting the delicate paint finish against scratches, scuffs, paint contamination, oxidation, and more!

Car & Truck Cover Benefits

While car and truck covers are used primarily for paint protection, they offer several additional benefits, including:

  • Guarding Against Dust & Scratches: Even if you park your vehicle in a well-protected shop or garage, there’s still a risk of paint contamination from dust, debris, and moving items around the shop. As such, nothing protects your paint better than a premium car or truck cover. Car covers fit entirely around your ride to block any dust or contaminants from settling on the paint, ensuring that whenever you pull off the cover, your ride looks just as fresh as the day you installed it! 

  • Prevents Moisture and Rust Damage: Do you live in a seaside, moist, or humid environment? Don’t let the excess moisture creep into your ride’s alloy components, causing unsightly rust and corrosion. Instead, defend against rust with a breathable car or truck cover to soak up excess moisture and prevent water from reaching your vehicle’s body.

  • Reduces UV Damage: Continuous exposure to intense sunlight can damage the finish of your vehicle’s paint, leading to unsightly oxidation and clearcoat failure. Combat oxidation with a UV-resistant car cover! Plus, lighter-shade covers reflect light and heat, keeping the interior cooler.

  • Decreases Theft Risks: Believe it or not, a heavy-duty car cover can help make your vehicle a less likely target for theft. Not only is it an extra obstacle for thieves to remove, but most covers also include eyelets or integrated loops for installing cable locks! 

  • Versatile: When it comes down to it, car and truck covers are versatile. Why have separate products perform all the above functions when you can use a single, reliable car cover instead?

And for paint protection on the go, check out our selection of exterior accessories, like bras and wheel well liners!

How Long do Car Covers Last?

The car cover's lifespan entirely depends on its use and overall quality. For instance, an inexpensive, low-quality cover may only last for 1–2 years outdoors in direct sunlight; however, a high-quality cover can easily grant 4–5 years of use in similar conditions. 

Indoors, most covers will last at least 4–5 years, while higher-quality offerings may outlast your ownership of the vehicle!

Selecting the Right Cover for Your Ride

When selecting the cover that’s right for you, it’s important to account for various factors, like storage conditions, ease of installation, price, etc.

Storage Conditions (Indoor vs. Outdoor Covers)

Indoor truck covers are typically lighter, thinner, and constructed from softer materials than comparable outdoor covers. Indoor car covers are generally manufactured from breathable materials, considering the lack of direct moisture in most indoor environments. This porous design helps paint breathe, which is especially important on new paint jobs and restorations; it also prevents heat and condensation from getting trapped between the cover and the truck. While not quite as durable as outdoor covers, they’re typically mildew and rot-resistant for use in humid environments, preventing mold growth and deterioration.

On the other hand, outdoor car and truck covers are typically waterproof, wicking moisture rather than absorbing it. They’re also constructed from UV-resistant materials for maximum longevity and paint protection. Outdoor covers tend to include integrated hooks that secure to your vehicle, keeping the cover from shifting or lifting during storms and heavy winds.

Construction (Material & Style)

Numerous fabrics are used to manufacture car covers; your ideal construction depends on various factors, including where your vehicle will be stored and the local climate. In bright, warm, sunny climates, you’ll likely prefer a cover with excellent breathability and UV resistance to prevent heat build-up between the cover and your truck. On the other hand, those who live in areas with frequent storms should prioritize water resistance.


It’s essential to order the cover that best matches your vehicle’s dimensions, whether that be a vehicle-specific cover or a properly sized universal cover. Before placing an order, it’s pertinent to know your vehicle’s body configuration and overall dimensions, namely width, height, and length. 

To measure your truck, Jeep, or SUV, measure from bumper to bumper, side to side (from the outermost edge of your mirrors), and top to bottom (from the bottom of the wheel to the uppermost part of your car). This way, you can guarantee a cover that fits snuggly, yet installs without any major hassle.