What is a Utility Track System?

Updated on Aug 15, 2023

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In the process of customizing your truck you've probably run into questions such as, "Does your truck have a bed rack system?" or "Do you have a track system in the bed of your truck?". Some trucks come from the dealership equipped with rails running the length of the bed. These rails, often called a utility track system, use sliding cargo adjusters to let you fasten the contents of your bed in multiple positions. Read on to determine whether or not your truck is equipped with one of these systems.

Toyota Tundra with a Utility Track

Utility track systems are usually equipped with sliding cleats, which are used to manage and secure your cargo.

Toyota Tundra without a Utility Track

A truck without a utility track system won't have sliding cargo cleats.

Use these pictures to help determine whether or not you have a utility track system. The picture to the left shows the top inside portion of a truck bed with a utility track system, while the one to the right shows a bed without a utility track system.

Why Does This Matter?

Certain accessories (tonneau covers especially) will use different hardware to attach to beds equipped with these utility track systems. Make sure when choosing the correct item for your truck bed that you select the option "with track system" if your truck is equipped with cargo management rails from the factory.

Is it always called a Utility Track System?

Truck manufacturers use varying terms for their versions of a utility track or cargo management system. Have a look at the pictures below to learn about terminology unique to specific makes and models.

GMC - Cargo Management System.

Chevrolet - Cargo Management System.

Ram - Utility Rail System.

Ford - Cargo Management System.

Nissan - Utili-Track System.

Toyota - Deck Rail System.

The Jeep Gladiator has an optional Trail Rail system.

Jeep Gladiator Trail Rail

If you have questions about utility track systems, chat or call our product experts.

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