Leveling Kit Before and After

What is a Leveling Kit for a Truck?

You may have noticed that the front of your truck sits a bit lower than the rear. If you’re looking to raise the nose of your truck by an inch or two, we recommend looking into a leveling kit. A leveling kit is a specific type of suspension lift kit that is designed to improve the overall stance of your truck by lifting only the front, while still maintaining ride quality. If you plan on using your truck primarily on-road, a leveling kit will allow you to install larger wheels and tires while maintaining most of your truck’s OEM handling characteristics.

How do Leveling Kits Work?

Unlike a lift kit, a leveling kit only raises the front of your vehicle in order to “level” out any imbalance between the front and the rear. Most trucks have a factory “rake” meaning that the front sits a bit lower than the rear, accommodating any equipment that may be added to the bed. These kits provide a slight difference in the stance of your truck, allowing it to sit a bit taller on the road.

Choosing Your Leveling Kit

So, which one is right for you? Our team at RealTruck has hand selected a few of our most popular kits to get you started.

Supreme Suspensions Leveling Kits

For the driver that seeks easy installation, a Supreme Suspensions Leveling Kit is for you. Manufactured right here in the USA, these kit types range in height from 1 to 3” and are designed for all sorts of suspension including strut, coil spring, and torsion bars. They’ll give your truck just the right amount of lift.

ReadyLIFT SST Leveling Kit

A quick and affordable option, the ReadyLIFT SST Leveling Kit is ideal for accommodating larger wheels and tires. Get enough clearance for up tires up to 37” in diameter, allowing you to roam off-road with ease. This kit is tested by the manufacturer to ensure there is no interference with the factory suspension components of your vehicle. The best part? It can be u\installed in under two hours.

MaxTrac Leveling Kits

MaxTrac Leveling Kits are a great way to give the front of your ride a boost without breaking the bank. Accommodating tires up to 37” in diameter, this kit levels out your build without overloading your suspension. We know time is of the essence when it comes to adventure; so, install this kit in under two hours and hit the road.


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