How to Enjoy the Winter Holidays with Your Truck

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

As Fall's last red, orange, and yellow leaves drop from the trees, cold weather sets in. Everything seems to slow down; at least, it does outdoors! Regardless of the slow pace we’d all prefer to move at during the Winter months, there’s no slowing once the cold sets in. With Winter comes the holiday season, and thus, a race to prepare for those late December days, from last-minute gift shopping to decorating and formulating this year’s holiday plans. 

Aside from holiday cheer and the support of your family and loved ones this season, there’s one thing that’ll help to get you through the holidays: your truck! With a spacious bed awaiting Christmas trees and gifts, a capable drivetrain to plow through nasty weather, and a roomy cab to transport your family to every holiday function, your pickup is more than just four wheels and an engine; it’s a lifeline! 

In this guide, we’re appreciating the pickup trucks that make the holiday season possible. Along the way, we’ll touch on some key ways to implement your truck into the holidays and our recommended gift ideas for your pickup’s holiday wish list.

Ways to Incorporate Your Truck into the Holidays

Incorporating your pickup truck into the holidays isn’t as much a question as a must! From trekking through the snow for a Winter vacation to loading up a Christmas tree after a family venture to the local tree farm, your pickup comes in handy in more ways than one. In this section, we're covering the key ways to implement your pickup truck into this year’s holiday festivities.


While staying home to escape holiday traffic may be tempting, tradition and familial obligations always take precedence. After all, the holidays only come once a year! For Winter traveling, it’s best to take a reliable, spacious, and capable vehicle, like your pickup! With a roomy interior for stretching out on long drives, a spacious bed to load up gifts and luggage, and an optional four-wheel-drive system to safely plow through the snow, a pickup truck is the ultimate road-tripping ride this holiday season.

Picking Up the Christmas Tree

While not everyone celebrates Christmas, a large majority (approximately 85% of Americans) do. Whether you’re a single or multi-tree household, you’ll need a means of transporting your Christmas tree(s) from the farm to your doorstep, and there’s no better solution than loading up the family pickup! With a spacious bed and ample tie-down anchors, you can safely transport however many pines, spruces, and firs you like!

Snow Days: Skiing, Snowboarding, and Sledding

There’s no better way to enjoy the fresh snowfall than a trip to the slopes, whether you’re cruising on skis, shredding on a snowboard, or sitting on a sled. With our selection of racks, carriers, and ski/snowboard racks, you can safely and securely transport all your gear to and from the mountain. We also offer various tonneau covers to keep your gear safe from extreme weather and thieves.


While plowing isn’t as enjoyable as Christmas tree shopping or shredding the slopes, a freshly cleared driveway or parking lot is arguably just as satisfying! A four-wheel-drive pickup is, by far, the best vehicle for the job, featuring heavy-duty suspension, a torquey powertrain, and exceptional traction in snowy and icy conditions. 

At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of snow plows to get the job done, ranging from cost-effective manual plows to commercial-grade electric and hydraulic models.

Winter Holiday-Inspired Products and Accessories

This holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself! At RealTruck, we offer all the top parts and accessories to prep your pickup truck for Winter.

Tonneau covers are an essential addition to any pickup, offering outstanding weather protection and security for the valuables in the bed. Whether you’re locking snow gear in the bed overnight with a one-piece tonneau cover or affixing racks and gear mounts with a T-Slot compatible bed cover, like the RetraxPRO XR, our tonneau cover inventory has the right product for you and your pickup. 

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Pairing perfectly with a new tonneau cover is a premium bed liner, offering outstanding impact and abrasion resistance to keep your pickup’s bed free from unnecessary scuffs and dings. Whether you prefer the soft, comfortable sensation of a polypropylene fiber liner or the rugged performance of a drop-in plastic bed liner, we carry it all! 

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Ski and snowboard gear is a serious investment; the last thing you’ll want is to arrive at the slopes only to find damaged snowboards and skis. Fortunately, we carry a wide selection of ski and snowboard racks to protect your investment. We also offer numerous base rack systems, including roof racks and various styles of truck bed racks

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Pickups can be a hassle to climb in and out of, even in stock form in dry conditions. Add a lift kit, oversized tires, and a rainy or icy day, and leaping in and out of the cab is next to impossible! To remedy this issue, consider investing in high-quality side steps from RealTruck, providing a low, flat, non-slip step into the cab. We offer several step styles, lengths, and finishes, ensuring a product for every need and budget! 

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Just because your ride’s exterior takes a beating in the Winter months doesn’t mean the interior needs to! Keep snow, mud, road salt, and other contaminants off your vehicle’s factory carpeting with our premium floor mats and liners, offering exceptional protection, comprehensive coverage, and a sleek, OE-style fitment. 

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If you live in an area that frequently sees heavy snowfall in the Winter, forget spending hours clearing your driveway or parking lot with a shovel! Instead, consider investing in a high-quality snow plow from RealTruck. We offer plows for all applications and budgets, including cost-effective manual plows and commercial-grade electric and hydraulic units. 

Some of our most popular offerings include:

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