1987 Ford Taurus

Go Rhino – Fit. Function. Style.

Go Rhino is a RealTruck brand. When you buy Go Rhino from RealTruck, you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Go Rhino Dominator D6 Running Boards

  • Durable tubular steel construction

  • Extra-wide 6" step pad with raised hex pattern

  • Dual purpose design offers benefits of a running board and sliders

  • Optional bolt on 4" drop steps available

  • Comes with Dominator Xtreme Mount Kit and install guide

  • Simple bolt-on application with no-drilling required

Go Rhino XRS Overland Xtreme Bed Rack

  • Aluminum support bars and rails with steel vertical uprights

  • Holds up to 600 lbs Static and 300 lbs Dynamic

  • Available with factory bed track mounting systems or bed rail clamp on mounting brackets

  • Each upright has integrated threaded fasteners for accessory or light mounting and a standard MOLLE system

  • Included multi-functional gear plate

E1 Electric Running Boards

  • Boards automatically deploy and retract via dual-motor design

  • Made from lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum

  • Large, 6” step surface runs the length of the board

  • Raised ribbed treading offers non-slip step surface

  • Includes LED light kit to illuminate boards when deployed

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