Putco Neutron LED Light Bulbs, 3156 Bulbs

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- All bulbs are sold in pairs - Headlight Bulbs - Fog Lamp - Back Up & Reverse Lights - Daytime Running Lights - Front Parking Lights - Front Side Marker Lights - Front Turn Signal Lights - License Plate Lamp - Rear Side Marker Lamp - Rear Turn Signal - Brake Lights, - Tail light Bulbs - Trunk Lights - Interior Light Bulbs **Halogen Bulbs**: Putco halogen bulbs improve vision and add a custom look to your ride. Most advanced lighting technology are available in several hot colors; Ion Spark White, Jet Yellow, Ignition Purple, Nitro Blue, Night White and Mirror White. **High Intensity Discharge Lighting:** Made for HID only and provides added vision and unique styling that is better than OE. D1R, D2S, D2R, D4C, D4S & D1S bulbs in several eye catching colors. **H16 Fog Lamp Bulbs:** Gets you the brightest possible light and made with state of the art fog light bulb technology. Browse 4 colors including blue, yellow, purple and white. **Neutron LED Light Bulbs:** These are truly the worlds brightest automotive light bulbs with super low power consumption and high power LED's at 240 lumens. This attaches to original OE lighting fixture and boasts a 50,000 hours of use. This is available in amber, red & white. **360° LED Light Bulbs:** These 360° light bulbs easily replace your dull factory bulbs with the added style and performance of LEDs. Stunning and head turning looks and performance, you can choose amber, blue, red and white to upgrade your 194 & 921 wedge light bulbs as well as all the hyper flash bulb fitments. **Nova LED Light Bulbs**: Designed to offer consistent LED light with low power draw. These utilize 50/50 SMD intense power LED's to deliver bright, clean and reliable light. Choose red, white or amber to upgrade your running lamps, brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights and more. This replaces 194, 1156, 1157, 3156, 3157, 7440 and 7443 light bulbs. **Stick LED Light Bulbs:** Easy to replace stock bulb and are 18 times brighter than factory lighting. Nichia high power LED's with 100 lumens and exceeds 50,000 hours. This is available in several colors and 2 types. T-Type offers a single point projection and B-Type offers a 360 degree light projection. White, cool white, warm white, amber, blue and red are your color chooses. Design to replace the 194 wedge bulbs. **LED Dome Light Bulbs:** This will make your ride even better with crisp and super bright LED lights to replace your dome light, which gives your better visibility when you need to use your dome lights. The festoon bulb outperforms factory dome light bulbs. **Replacement & Heavy Duty Wiring Harnesses:** Replace your standard wiring harness or upgrade to a premium heavy duty headlight wiring harness & relay to get the most out of your aftermarket lighting.

  • Sold as a pair


California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


The neutron LED light bulbs have a limited lifetime warranty offered by Putco. The warranty covers against manufacturing defects and workmanship. For answers to any questions please contact our customer loyalty team at 1-877-216-5446.


Putco light bulbs feature plug n play installation. However, some light bulbs are easier to get to and change than others. For additional information, please contact us at 1-877-216-5446.