1994 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck Bed Lights and Cargo Lights

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Are you tired of awkwardly fumbling with a flashlight or relying on your pickup’s dim cargo light when unloading your truck’s bed in the dark? Consider bolstering cargo illumination with RealTruck’s selection of truck bed lights and cargo lights!

Truck bed and cargo lights help to illuminate your pickup’s bed in poor lighting, allowing you to load and unload cargo safely and efficiently. Cargo lights are also effective on off-road rigs and overlanders, allowing you to set up camp in the dark or rummage through tools, spare tires, and other emergency supplies. 

Aside from functionality, truck bed lights and cargo lights are simply cool! These accessories add character to your pickup’s bed, especially if you install colored or RGB lighting. Cargo lighting is also cost-effective, offering numerous benefits without depleting your bank account!

Truck Bed Light and Cargo Light Types

Truck bed lights and cargo lights come in several configurations, including power types, light colors, and special features. Let’s cover some popular options you’ll encounter when shopping. 

Power Type and Installation

Most truck bed lights and cargo lights require minimal wiring, like tapping into a 12V power source and a ground; however, some options are even simpler! For example, the Lund NIGHTFX Guide Lights feature a fully plug-and-play installation using your vehicle’s OBD2 connector. Other options, like the TruXedo B-Light Battery Powered Truck Bed Light, require no wiring at all!

Light Color

Most truck bed lights and cargo lights feature crisp white illumination via 6000K LED chips; however, some options offer even more functionality and style! Products like the Race Sport Super Bright Multi-Color 8-Pod LED Bed Rail Lights feature a gamut of color adjustments, allowing you to adjust your bed lighting to complement your pickup’s finish, accent colors, or other lighting!

Light Type

Most truck bed lights and cargo lights utilize high-efficiency LED technology, offering outstanding brightness and a long lifespan. Though brighter and longer-lasting than conventional halogen bulbs, LED bulbs are also more efficient, drawing far fewer amps than other bulb technologies.

Light Shape

When shopping for truck bed lights and cargo lights, you’ll encounter two main light shapes: strips and pods. Due to their narrow and flexible design, LED strips, like the Access Battery Powered Truck Bed LED Light Strip, are convenient for tight spaces, like beneath bed rails or along contoured bed sections. 

Alternatively, pods, like Morimoto XB LED Bed Lights, are ideal if space permits, producing bright, concentrated light.

Special Features

Some truck bed lights and cargo lights offer unique features, including motion activation, automatic on/off functionality, and more! Regardless of your wants, needs, and budget, RealTruck has truck bed lights and cargo lights to complement your ride.