1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Tail Lights

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Tail Light Styles

Tail lights come in various styles, ranging from mild OE-style replacements to wild, aftermarket smoked and chrome models. But how does each differ from the next?

Top Tail Light Brands

At RealTruck, we carry all of the top tail light brands, including: 

Anzo USA: A popular manufacturer of stylish headlights, tail lights, and third brake lights, renowned for quality and affordability! All lights are backed by a 1-year warranty and feature simple, plug-and-play installations. 

AlphaRex: Though the new kid on the block, Alpharex has quickly made a name for itself with high-quality construction, innovative designs, and next-level customer service.  

SPEC-D Tuning: Another popular brand, manufacturing everything from headlights and taillights to tow mirrors! SPEC-D is known for producing solid-quality products at unbeatable price points.  

Recon: One of the top producers of quality aftermarket automotive lighting. Recon is known for quality, quality, and more quality! 

TYC: Offering premium, OE-style tail lights for a fraction of the cost of OEM replacements.

Tail Light FAQs

Which is better for tail lights, LED or halogen?

LED tail lights are far brighter, illuminate quicker, and last longer than comparable halogens; however, halogens are inexpensive and readily available. While it’s a close race, we’ll give the edge to LEDs. 

What is the difference between brake lights and tail lights?

Brake lights are essentially a function of tail lights, which have three primary functions: brake lights, running lights, and reverse lights. 

When should I replace my tail lights?  

Unless your tail lights are damaged or oxidized, there’s no real reason to replace them! However, aftermarket tail lights are one of the most effective ways of improving your vehicle’s aesthetics.