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2016 Ram Truck 2500 Off-Road Lights

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  • ube and Pod Lights: Compact, versatile, self-contained lights featuring robust housings and lenses. 

  • LED Light Bars: Long, narrow lights comprising multiple LED chips in a single rectangular housing or multiple LED cubes and pods linked horizontally.  

  • Round Off-Road Lights: LED or halogen lights featuring a round housing. 

  • Halogen: Reliable bulb tech that’s existed for centuries—offers a warm-toned glow, moderate intensity, moderate lifespan, and high current draw.  

  • LED: Modern bulb technology using light-emitting diodes—offers various color temperatures, high intensity, long lifespan, and minimal current draw.

Off-Road Lighting for Trucks, Jeeps®, and SUVs

Are you tired of straining your eyes for visibility in dim or unlit conditions? Whether navigating a dark trail, a backroad, or backing up a trailer at night, ample light output is critical to reduce eye fatigue and increase safety. 

RealTruck® carries the widest selection of off-road lighting, including cubes and pods, LED light bars, round off-road lights, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Off-Road Lighting?

There’s no substitute for proper lighting while driving at night. No matter the conditions, the terrain, or where you're driving, ample visibility is integral to getting home safely—that’s where high-performance off-road lighting comes in. 

Quality off-road lights turn night into day, inspiring confidence behind the wheel and better illuminating treacherous conditions and obstacles. Plus, they look pretty slick.

Differences Between Off-Road Light Types

There are several styles of off-road lights, ranging from simple pods to massive LED bars and everything in between. Check out some of our top-selling categories below.

Cube and Pod Lights

Compact and bright, cubes and pod lights come in several flavors, including lens types, bulb designs, and sizes. However, cubes and pods all share a small housing designed to be mounted anywhere, while still packing enough of a punch to improve visibility. 

Cubes and Pods are popular for use as auxiliary reverse lights, dust lights, auxiliary fog lights, ditch lights, and more.

LED Light Bars

Whether modular, single-row, or dual-row, LED light bars are one of the brightest offerings on the off-road lighting market. Engineered using multiple high-efficiency LED chips, LED bars draw minimal power while producing exceptional output. LED light bars are also available in various lengths and form factors to ensure the best fitment. 

LED light bars are most commonly used in forward-facing applications, illuminating the path ahead for increased driver safety.

Round Off-Road Lights

Available in halogen and LED bulb technologies, round off-road lights are ideal for use in fog light holes, on aftermarket bumpers, or practically anywhere else. Round off-road lights vary greatly, ranging from vintage-inspired round housings with diffused lenses and halogen bulbs to compact, round, LED-powered pods.

You Can Trust RealTruck’s Expertise in Off-Road Lighting

At RealTruck, we aren’t just a retailer—we're a manufacturer of premium off-road lights. Our in-house brands, like Go Rhino®, Havoc, and Rugged Ridge®, produce some of the finest LED and halogen-powered lights on the market, offering exceptional quality, output, and trusted warranties.  

As always, contact our knowledgeable customer service staff for any product inquiries.