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Putco LED Replacement Dome Lights
Putco LED Replacement Dome Lights
From:  $38.99
Putco Medal Reverse Leds
Putco Medal 360 High-Power Reverse Light Bulbs
From:  $134.99
Putco Halogen Headlight Bulbs
Putco Halogen Headlight Bulbs
From:  $31.99
Putco 340921A 360
Putco Metal LED 360 Replacement Bulbs
From:  $37.99
Putco ProLux Zero Space LED Bulbs
Putco ProLux Zero Space LED Bulbs
From:  $237.99
Putco Nitro 360 LED Fog Light Bulbs
Putco Nitro 360 LED Fog Light Bulbs
From:  $177.99
Putco LED Light Bulb Load Resistors
Putco LED Light Bulb Load Resistors
From:  $21.99
Putco LumaCore LED Light Bulbs
Putco LumaCore LED Light Bulbs
From:  $11.99
Putco 25PSX24
Putco Optic 360 LED Fog Light Bulbs
From:  $96.99
Putco Mini Halogen Light Bulbs
Putco Mini Halogen Light Bulbs
From:  $19.49
Putco Neutron LED Light Bulbs
Putco Neutron LED Replacement Light Bulbs
From:  $60.95
Putco Plasma LED Light Bulbs
Putco Plasma LED Light Bulbs
From:  $74.99
Putco Plasma Switchback LED Light Bulbs
Putco Plasma SwitchBack LED Light Bulbs
From:  $99.99
Putco Nitro-Lux LED Replacement Bulbs
From:  $142.99
Putco HID Replacement Light Bulbs
Putco Replacement HID Light Bulbs
From:  $153.99

Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs for Trucks

Are you tired of your ride’s dim, inadequately performing headlight bulbs? Not only are poorly performing bulbs an inconvenience, but a danger to yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road! Luckily, RealTruck carries a wide inventory of bulbs to significantly improve your pickup’s light output. 

We carry several popular bulb technologies, including highly-efficient LED, high-output HID, and reliable Halogen! But what are the key differences between these bulbs? And which is right for your truck? Let’s find out! 

Types of Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs for Trucks

Headlight bulbs come in three popular varieties: LED, HID, and Halogen, with each featuring unique characteristics and benefits. 

LED Bulbs

LED (light emitting diode) headlight bulbs feature extreme output with minimal electrical draw, operating approximately 80 times more efficiently than conventional halogen bulbs! In real-world applications, LEDs produce significantly more light for every unit of energy than they use, simultaneously improving visibility while reducing the load on your truck’s charging system; on applications with numerous auxiliary electronics, the less strain on the charging system the better! 

LEDs also offer significantly longer lifespans than comparable HID or halogen bulbs, requiring fewer replacements and saving money in the long run! LEDs are available in several color temperatures to match your vehicle's existing marker, license plate, and interior lights, ensuring a uniform aesthetic across your truck. 

Invest in a set of LED headlight bulbs to improve visibility, reduce eye fatigue, save money, and ensure long-lasting performance! 

HID Headlight Bulbs

HID headlight bulbs are another popular offering, often found as factory equipment on luxury sedans and SUVs. These bulbs require an additional ballast, or igniter, to boost input to the HID bulb, thus allowing the bulb to fire. These bulbs are often paired with projector lenses, producing a usable beam pattern with a crisp cutoff; however, HIDs are not recommended for standard reflector housings. 

HIDs are efficient, though not as efficient as comparable LED bulbs due to the external ballast. However, they’re extremely bright and offer great nighttime visibility and pleasant color temperatures. 

Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Halogen headlight bulbs are an age-old technology that produces a familiar, warm-toned grow. These bulbs utilize a gas-filled glass chamber with a tungsten filament. When ignited, the bulb burns bright, though not nearly as bright as comparable HID or LED bulbs. However, several purists prefer the warm glow of a halogen, especially on classics. 

Halogens are easy-to-install and inexpensive; they’re also readily available at nearly every auto parts or big box store. 

How Long Do Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs Last? 

How long a headlight bulb lasts depends entirely on the style and quality of the bulb; however, we’ve compiled some basic information that applies to most headlight bulbs on the market. 

High-quality HID and LED bulbs last significantly longer than halogens, with HIDs lasting anywhere from 6,000–24,000 hours and LEDs lasting up to 50,000! Halogens, by comparison, typically last between 500–1,000 hours. 

Other factors that determine bulb life include: 

  • Quality of bulbs

  • Operating conditions such as driving on rough terrain due to the vibration 

  • Overheating if the bulb isn't properly vented/cooled 

  • Moisture and humidity

  • Maintenance

What Headlights Do I Need for My Truck?

Selecting the proper headlight bulbs for your ride varies on several factors, including: 

Illumination Needs

How brightly would you like your headlights to shine? While conventional halogen bulbs are adequate for navigating illuminated streets, you may struggle with visibility on backroads or dim areas. Adversely, HID and LED bulbs are significantly brighter, making navigating even the darkest roads a breeze! 

Color Temperature

Do you prefer the warm glow of a halogen or the modern punch of a crisp white LED or HID? Several purists choose to install only period-correct lighting on classics, while others enjoy the modernization of a restomod. 


Which technology is your vehicle originally equipped with? While all three bulb types can typically be retrofitted into any housing, modifications and additional resistors, ballasts, or decoders may be necessary. For assistance, fill out the compatibility chart at the top of the page! 


What’s your budget? Halogen bulbs are by far the least expensive out of the box; however, they also have the shortest lifespan. Regarding value, the more expensive technologies may prove their worth compared to a halogen that requires routine replacements. 

Laws & Regulations

Specific color temperatures and bulb types may be illegal in your county; before purchasing, it’s always best to verify your local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.