1995 Dodge Ram 1500 Tailgate Light Bars

Benefits of Tailgate Light Bars

While LED tailgate light bars may seem like a purely aesthetic upgrade, they also serve an essential purpose—bolstering visibility while performing essential signaling functions like braking, reversing, and turning.

Aside from increasing your, your passenger’s, and other driver’s safety on the road by bolstering the visibility of your signals, tailgate light bars can also improve the visibility of your surroundings while reversing at night. 

Tailgate light bars with integrated white LEDs for reverse functionality cast a crisp, bright glow on your surroundings while reversing, allowing you to back up a trailer, navigate a dark driveway, or parallel park.

LED Tailgate Light Bar Styles

Tailgate Light Bars come in several configurations, ranging from simple auxiliary reverse lights to emergency strobe and multi-function bars.


Multi-Function LED Tailgate Light Bars perform—you guessed it—multiple functions. These bars typically include white, red, and sometimes amber LEDs to serve various functions, i.e., red for running and braking, amber for signaling, and white for reversing. Most multi-function bars include a 4-pin connector that plugs directly into your pickup’s factory trailer wiring harness for a quick, plug-and-play installation.

RealTruck Expert Pick: Recon Xtreme Tailgate Light Bar

Why we love it: 

  • Amber, red, and white LEDs perform various functions (running, brake, signal, reverse)

  • Stylish scanning amber turn signals

  • Vibrant white reverse lights

  • Classic red running and brake lights

  • Simple plug-and-play installation

  • Sleek one-piece design

  • SAE and DOT approved


Emergency/strobe tailgate light bars are marketed towards construction crews, tapping into existing strobe modules to get the attention of passing vehicles. These bars feature strobing amber/white LEDs, replicating the hazards and strobe lights on safety vehicles.

RealTruck Expert Pick: Recon May Day High-Intensity Warning Light Bar

Why we love it: 

  • Selectable scanning and strobing light patterns

  • Ideal for road crews, plow trucks, and service trucks 

  • Dual-row LEDs for maximum visibility

  • Wiring and mounting hardware included

  • Available in 49 and 60-in. versions


If you’re looking to bolster your pickup’s reverse light output, consider outfitting it with an LED backup bar. These bars feature high-intensity white lighting to better illuminate your pickup’s surroundings, easing parking, reversing, and backing up a trailer.

RealTruck Expert Pick: Access 39 LED Backup Tailgate Light Bar

Why we love it: 

  • Doubles the output of factory reverse lights

  • Ideal for hitching up a trailer or backing into a driveway at night

  • Improves backup camera image quality in low-light conditions

  • Completely waterproof

  • Easy peel-and-stick mounting with included 3M adhesive tape

Choosing a Tailgate Light Bar

Choosing an LED tailgate light bar can be a hassle, especially with all of the options on the market. When selecting your next purchase, consider the following:


While most tailgate light bars mount below your pickup’s tailgate, between the tailgate and the rear bumper, others mount higher up, like the Anzo LED Tailgate Cap. Before placing your order, verify your preferred mounting location and consider factors like your vehicle’s height and aesthetics.


What’s your size preference? Do you prefer a full-width offering, like the Race Sport 48” 5-Function Triple-Row LED Tailgate Light Bar, or the subtle styling of a Recon Mini LED Bar

While larger bars may offer more visibility due to their higher LED chip count, smaller bars offer sleek, minimalist styling.


Finally, consider your ideal functionality. Whether you need a multi-function bar, a reverse bar, or a strobing bar, we have you covered.

Other Lighting Options

While an LED Tailgate Light Bar is a worthwhile upgrade individually, consider bolstering functionality and aesthetics with these alternative lighting options. 

LED Headlight Strips: These premium LED strips add significant style to your pickup’s front end. 

Third Brake Lights: Nothing sets off a set of aftermarket tail lights like a matching third brake light. We offer OE-style, smoked, and clear lights to match any build.

Tail Lights: We offer a wide assortment of aftermarket tail lights from all the top brands, improving visibility and aesthetics. No matter your style, we carry a product for you.