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Rampage Off-Road Driving & Fog Lights
Rampage Off-Road Driving & Fog Lights
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Fog lights are essential to any pickup, SUV, or Jeep, improving visibility in heavy fog, snow, rain, and low-light conditions. However, there are several types of fog lights on the market to choose from! The most common fog light types include LED, HID, Halogen, and amber toned, but which is best suited for your truck? 

LED Fog Lights

LED (light emitting diodes) lights are a popular bulb type, producing exceptional output while drawing far less electrical current than comparable halogens or HIDs. As a result, LED fog lights are brighter, enhance visibility, and cause less draw on your vehicle’s charging system. LEDs also last significantly longer than other bulb technologies, requiring fewer replacements. 

LEDs are available as factory-style replacement bulbs or complete replacement housings with integrated LED chips, such as the Race Sport LED RGB Halo Fog Lights

HID Fog Lights

HID fog lights are similar to conventional halogen bulbs, featuring a gas-filled glass chamber and electrically-charged filament. However, they require additional power to ignite, utilizing high-output ballasts to boost input to the bulb. HIDs are far brighter than conventional halogen bulbs and are often paired with projectors in luxury applications. 

Unlike halogen bulbs which emit a warm-toned glow, you can order HIDs in a far greater color temperature range, including indigo, blue, white, yellow, and everything in between! However, it’s important to note that most headlight and foglight colors besides white and amber are illegal. 

Amber Fog Lights

Amber fog lights are commonly found as factory equipment in foreign markets, known to cut through fog, rain, and dust far more efficiently than standard white fog lights. As a result, amber bulbs are a significant upgrade over your vehicle’s factory white illumination. Amber bulbs are also considerably easier on the eyes, reducing strain and ocular fatigue while driving at night. 

Halogen Fog Lights

Halogen fog lights are an aging yet reliable technology still installed in new vehicles. Halogen bulbs produce a familiar, warm-toned glow that’s easy on the eyes; however, halogen bulbs aren’t considerably bright.

Regardless, halogen bulbs are relatively inexpensive and durable, withstanding severe weather conditions for a fraction of the price of comparable LEDs or HIDs.