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2011 Subaru Outback Cargo Mats & Trunk Liners

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Benefits of Cargo Liners

While your Jeep or SUV’s cargo area is incredibly handy, it’s also highly susceptible to damage while loading and unloading cargo! Even transporting your muddy gear or pets can leave unsightly stains, requiring hours of scrubbing and extracting to return the factory carpeting and upholstery to a like-new appearance. Rather than subjecting your interior to damage, keep it protected with a premium cargo mat or liner from RealTruck!

Cargo liners cover your vehicle’s cargo area, protecting the carpeting and plastics from impacts or abrasions while transporting your tools and gear. Like floor mats and liners, they also guard against staining, keeping your interior clean and preserving the resale value. 

Cleaning cargo liners is also a breeze, especially if you opt for the all-weather variety. Remove them from your ride, spray them with a hose and agitate with a mild cleaner and brush if necessary, and reinstall once dry!

Types of Cargo Mats and Liners

Cargo mats and liners come in varying configurations, including fitment, material, and overall design.

Universal Vs. Custom-Fit

Universal floor liners are often the cheaper of the two fitments. Unlike direct-fit liners, they typically require trimming to fit or may not cover the entire cargo area. 

On the other hand, custom-fit floor liners are molded to fit the contours of your particular application’s cargo area, ensuring a simple drop-in installation requiring no trimming or modifications.


Cargo mats and liners are also offered in various materials, each with unique benefits. 

Rubber liners are ideal for applications that routinely see heavy rainfall and moisture. These liners protect your vehicle’s carpeting from moisture, mud, and spills, preventing set-in stains. They’re also highly impact and abrasion-resistant, preventing punctures and tears. As a bonus, rubber offers excellent skid resistance, keeping your cargo from sliding around while driving.   

Vinyl liners, like rubber, feature excellent moisture resistance. They do a terrific job of fending off scratches and abrasions, making them ideal for dog nails, tools, and other sharp cargo. 

Carpet liners feature an OE-like appearance reminiscent of your vehicle’s factory carpeting. While not as protective as similar vinyl or rubber liners, carpet cargo liners offer exceptional impact protection. They also protect your cargo from unnecessary scuffs and scratches during transport.


Most cargo liners and mats are offered in factory-like colors to complement your vehicle’s upholstery. These colors typically include grays, blacks, and tans, flawlessly matching your ride's interior plastics, seating, and carpeting.

While most cargo liners are offered in factory colors, others, like Lloyd Rubbertite Cargo Liners, come in 14 unique colors, including red, blue, and clear!

Specialty Products

Aside from traditional mats and liners, we also offer specialty products, like cargo covers and tailgate mats. 

Unlike traditional mats and liners, cargo covers, like the Rugged Ridge C3 are manufactured from soft canvas, nylon, or other rugged fabrics. When comprehensive cargo area protection is required, you can quickly drape the cargo cover over your Jeep or SUV’s cargo area to guard against unnecessary staining or damage. When no longer needed, simply fold up the cover and stash it away until the following use!     

Tailgate mats, like the BedTred Tailgate Mat, offer exceptional tailgate protection for your Jeep Wrangler. The soft-touch fiber finish dampens impacts from sliding cargo to prevent dings, dents, and abrasions.