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2012 Toyota 4Runner Truck Tool Boxes

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Go Rhino XVenture Gear Zipped Pouch
From:  $31.95
Go Rhino XVenture Gear Wrench Roll
From:  $52.95
Go Rhino XVenture Gear Tool Roll
From:  $73.95
Go Rhino XVenture Gear First Aid Roll
From:  $84.95
Go Rhino XVenture Gear Recovery Bag
From:  $104.95
Go Rhino XVenture Gear Medium Hard Case
From:  $135.54
Go Rhino XVenture Gear Large Hard Case
From:  $144.40
Go Rhino XVenture Gear Extra Large Hard Case
From:  $239.94
Go Rhino XVenture Gear Long Hard Case
From:  $249.95

Truck Tool Boxes, Chests, and Totes

For most pickup owners, dedicated tool storage is essential. Rather than make a mess of your cab, order up a stylish and practical tool box from RealTruck! We carry a wide selection of tool boxes, including multiple styles, sizes, and finishes. 

For inquiries regarding which tool box is right for you, reach out to a member of our experienced sales staff. Our dedicated sales team is available to take questions and orders 7 days a week, Mon-Sat: 8AM-11PM EST and Sunday: 9AM-10PM EST. 

Tool Box Styles

Crossover Tool Box

Classic styling and room to spare! The crossover tool box spans the width of your pickup’s bed, sitting atop the bed reals to provide maximum storage space. 

Side Mount Tool Box

Like to keep the entire length of your pickup’s bed open for oversized cargo? Then consider a crossover box, mounting on your pickup’s bed rail for easy access from outside the bed. 

Chest/Low Profile Tool Box

Ideal for the truck enthusiast that doesn’t like the look of a toolbox, but appreciates the functionality. Tool chests typically sit below the bed rails, disappearing into the bed for a sleek appearance.

Wheel Well Tool Box

Take control of your pickup’s unused space! Wheel well tool boxes mount in the underutilized space just before or behind your pickup’s wheel well.

Portable Tool Box

Take your tool box into the jobsite with a portable box! Most include wheels and a convenient pull strap, making transportation a breeze. 

Trailer Tongue Tool Box

Don’t want a tool box taking up space in your truck’s bed? Consider mounting it on the tongue of your trailer instead!

Materials and Finishes


Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable; aluminum is typically offered in black and polished finishes. 


Generally constructed from ABS plastic, polyethylene, or PP polymers, composite cases are tough and completely resistant to corrosion. 


For information regarding fitment and measuring your pickup’s bed, check out our related tutorials and videos. 

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