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Jacks & Jack Mounts

Jacks & Jack Mounts

Whether you’re hitting the trail or working on your rig in the garage, there’s no better tool than a high-quality jack. At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of off-road jacks, called Hi-Lift or Farm Jacks, to raise your Jeep, pickup, or SUV for trailside repairs or tire replacements. These versatile jacks are a must-have, especially for the avid off-roader. 

If your rig lacks cargo space for a full-size jack, consider one of our high-quality jack mounts! These rugged mounts securely affix an off-road jack to your vehicle’s exterior, freeing up space in the bed or cargo area. When an emergency strikes, you’ll have an easily accessible jack for road or trailside repairs.

Considerations When Choosing Jacks and Jack Mounts

When selecting your ideal jack and jack mount, consider a few factors. Regarding the jack, you’ll need to ensure compatibility with your vehicle, including appropriate height, weight capacity, and a durable construction and finish. 

Regarding the jack mount, ensure compatibility with your selected jack. Additionally, consider which mounting location best suits your vehicle, as jack mounts come in sport bar, bed, hood, and tailgate configurations.

Shop Trusted Brands

At RealTruck, we carry only the top products from leading manufacturers, including: 

  • Go Rhino: Go Rhino is a trusted company in the automotive aftermarket, supplying heavy-duty accessories for off-road applications. Go Rhino is also a RealTruck brand, so when you order a jack mount of any other Go Rhino product from us, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. 

  • Havoc: Regarding off-road accessories, Havoc Offroad is an industry-known name. The company specializes in rugged accessories for Jeeps, Broncos, and pickups. Havoc is a RealTruck brand.  

  • Rugged Ridge: If you own a Jeep, you’re likely familiar with the Rugged Ridge name. Rugged Ridge specializes in high-quality Jeep components, bolstering aesthetics, durability, and off-road performance. Rugged Ridge is a RealTruck brand. 

  • Paramount: Important, supreme, impactful: these are a few synonyms for the word paramount. The similarly-named brand lives up to the hype! Paramount is a trusted name in the aftermarket industry, supplying high-quality body armor and accessories for several applications.  

  • Hi-Lift: Hi-Lift is one of the most renowned jack manufacturers in the industry; they’re the reason ‘hi-lift’ has become synonymous with every farm jack or off-road jack on the market! The company produces high-end, reliable, USA-made farm jacks.

  • SmittyBilt: Regarding quality, it’s tough to beat SmittyBilt. Whether you’re shopping for winches, bumpers, side steps, or roof tents, the odds are that SmittyBilt makes it!