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Steelcraft Front Runner Grille Guard
From:  $515.99

Grille Guards, Bull Bars, and Bumper Guards

Why subject your truck, Jeep, or SUV’s critical front end components to impacts and abrasions, when you could protect them instead? At RealTruck, we carry a large inventory of front-end guards for your ride, including grille guards, bull bars, and bumper guards. No matter your needs or preferred style, RealTruck has you covered! 

For more information on different types of guards, check out our related articles on RealSource—your source for articles on all things truck, Jeep, and more! 

And for product inquiries and order assistance, contact our knowledgeable sales staff, available 7 days a week. 

Why Install a Grille Guard, Bull Bar, or Bumper Guard?

These products are installed for two primary reasons—aesthetics and protection. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, there’s no doubting the rugged appearance of a front-end guard. Whether you opt for a tubular bull bar or a full-coverage, ranch-style grille guard, your ride’s front end will look tougher than ever! 

Functionality-wise, front-end guards are great insurance in the event of a minor impact or abrasion. Manufactured from heavy-duty alloys, front-end guards protect several of your ride’s critical components, including the headlights, the radiator, and other fluid coolers. 

Styles of Guard

Bull Bars

Moderate front-end protection and mild styling; bull bars feature a single central hoop and, typically, an integrated skid plate for additional protection. 

Grille Guards

Also referred to as “brush guards,” grille guards feature comprehensive front end protection, with most including wrap-around headlight tubes. Other variations include mesh grille protectors and light mounts. 

Bumper Guards

Unlike the other front-end guards on the list, bumper guards protect only the front bumper, rather than the grille, headlights, or other components. Rear bumper guards are also available, protecting the rear bumper against impacts and abrasions.