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Backup Cameras

In recent years, backup cameras have gone from a luxury item to a must-have, installed in nearly every new passenger vehicle from the factory! But what if your vehicle never had one? Luckily, you don’t have to settle; at RealTruck, we carry several backup cameras engineered to retrofit into older vehicles, bringing every chassis up to speed with a crisp, clear reverse camera! 

Reverse cameras are extremely useful, especially in larger applications like full-size pickups and SUVs. These components provide a clear view of your rearward surroundings, allowing you to reverse into a tight parking space, down a driveway, or hitch up to a trailer without a spotter. While most reverse cameras are engineered to retrofit into older vehicles, we also offer several direct replacement cameras to repair a damaged or missing factory unit.

Backup Camera Types

There are several backup camera styles, with each serving a particular purpose. Some of the most popular include:

  • Parking and Blind Spot Systems: These cameras feature integrated sensors that alert drivers of incoming/approaching obstacles. They’re useful while parking or switching lanes while driving, preventing collisions with other drivers or stationary objects/vehicles.

  • Backup Camera Mirror: These systems utilize a dual-function rearview mirror with an integrated display. With the display off, the highly-reflective glass functions as a conventional mirror; however, when the display turns on, you’ll have a clear view of your rearward surroundings! 

  • Camera Systems with Auxiliary Monitors: When retrofitting a backup camera into an older vehicle, you’ll need a display to showcase the image. While it’s common practice to install a video-capable stereo head unit or a backup camera mirror, some systems feature an auxiliary monitor that allows you to retain the factory stereo!

  • Dash Cameras: While not used for reversing, dash cameras, like the BrandMotion 2K are another popular accessory. These cameras monitor and record while driving, capturing accidents and other safety-related concerns. Some models even feature a sentry mode, in which they’ll begin recording if your vehicle is struck or broken into.

  • Off-Road Camera: Off-road cameras, like the BrandMotion SummitView, are best for the dedicated offroader that rarely brings a spotter. They allow you to monitor the conditions directly beneath and around your vehicle, providing multiple angles to make choosing the correct line far easier. They also feature stiffer mounting than traditional cameras and improved low-light performance.

Backup Camera Placement Options

There are several options for mounting when installing a backup camera, the most common being:

  • Tailgate Handle Camera: Tailgate handle cameras, like the BrandMotion OEM Tailgate Handle Camera, mount into your vehicle’s tailgate handle, providing a clear view of the surrounding area.

  • Emblem Camera: Emblem cameras, like the BrandMotion Ford Emblem Camera, feature a sleek camera stealthily hidden in the tailgate emblem. These cameras typically include a replacement emblem with the camera already installed, making mounting as simple as swapping emblems!

  • Third Brake Light: Third brake light cameras, like the BrandMotion Truck Cargo Camera, provide a comprehensive view of your truck’s cargo and the surrounding area, allowing you to keep an eye on your valuables even if they block visibility through the rear window.

  • License Plate Mount: This popular camera mounting solution allows you to mount a reverse camera to any license plate! They’re arguably the easiest to install, are directable, and are sleek and inconspicuous. 

  • Multi-Location: These systems, including parking and blind-spot monitors, utilize multiple sensors and cameras throughout the chassis for a comprehensive view of your environment.