Maria Lovely

2023 GMC Sierra 

Life has always been on the road for Maria Lovely, who grew up in rural Montana, 30 miles away from the closest gas station and grocery store. From a young age, she’s always loved all things outdoors, from hunting and skiing to gardening and raising animals.

RT: What do you love about the outdoors?

I believe that there's a place for everyone in the outdoors and I encourage anyone reading this to get outside and find something they enjoy! For me, it's going deep into the mountains, far away from anyone else. In the fall, my favorite pastime is hunting - especially elk. When it's snowing, I find freedom on my skis - whether it's hot laps at a resort or backcountry turns I find via snowmobile. 

RT: What vehicle do you drive?

GMC Sierra

RT: How does your vehicle help you out in the real?

I couldn't do what I love without a truck - it gets me where I need to go and hauls all the toys!

RT: Can you talk a bit about being a woman in your outdoor space?

Learn how to pee in the woods and you'll be just fine :)

RT: How important is representation?

When women come together and share their outdoor experiences - the good times, as well as the failures & flat tires it creates a space that's less intimidating. I'm honored to be working with brands such as RealTruck, who know the importance of female representation. I hope that together we can welcome and encourage more ladies into the outdoors! 

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