Bridget Fabel

2023 Toyota 4Runner / 2021 Ford F-150

Full time outdoor woman and business owner, Bridget Fabel has marked her territory in the hunting and fishing scene of southern Utah. Outside is where she feels happiest. Her favorite skills to improve are bowhunting and trout fishing.

RT: What do you love about the outdoors? 

BF: I love that the adventures are endless in the great outdoors! There’s always something fun to do!

RT: What vehicle do you drive? 

BF: I have a white 2021 F150 FX4 with a 3 inch lift on 35’s! I also have a 2020 Mahindra Roxor which is like an old jeep but turbo diesel, and manual!

RT: How does your vehicle help you out in the real? 

BF: I couldn’t get to my favorite spots on the mountain without my vehicles. I need high clearance, strong tires, and a safe rig for me and my clients. I love going to RealTruck to accessorize my truck and get it ready for tough mountain roads.

RT: Can you talk a bit about being a woman in your outdoor space? 

BF: Absolutely! I’ve been a female in the hunting and fishing world publicly since I was 16 years old. At that time I started working in the hunting and fishing department at a local sporting goods store. After that I was a fishing guide, and then a hunting and fishing outfitter owner and guide. There are not a lot of women in the outdoor space that I’m in but I’m working hard to change that. Part of being an outfitter and guide is encouraging other women of all experience levels to come learn from me and watch me do what I love so they realize that they can do it too. Women are incredible hunters and fishers for a million reasons and it will always be my goal to inspire them to live a life outside as I do.

RT: How important is representation? 

BF: It’s very important. In 2019 I opened chunky trout outfitters which is Utah’s first and only female owned fishing outfitter service. Being able to be the first and pave the way for other women to do what I do means the world to me. I try my best to show women of all ages that they can do what I do successfully. Even though being a female outfitter owner may be a rarity I will always work hard to make it less rare and show the world that the ladies do it just as well as the men, if not better ;)

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