Allie D’Andrea

2020 Ford F-150

Pennslyvanian by birth and Floridian by choice, Allie D’Andrea picked up hunting and fishing with her husband on their own volition. Dedicated to the craft, Allie likes to focus on the entire process of hunting, butchering, and cooking whatever game she’s after.

RT: What do you love about the outdoors?

AD: There's a lot. I love finding solitude in nature. It's one of the few places that a person can be free in their own thoughts. I'm someone who loves to learn and the outdoors provide me with endless opportunities to learn. I hunt with just about everything; a bow, muzzleloader, shotgun, rifle. And hunt just about every species, from antelope and mule deer to iguanas and hogs. Same goes for fishing! I love catching trout with a fly rod on a river in Pennsylvania just as much as I love catching pompano from the beach in Florida. 

RT: What vehicle do you drive?

AD: Ford F-150

RT: How does your vehicle help you out in the real?

AD: My vehicle is what gets me to my adventure, whether I'm whitetail hunting in Pennsylvania or fly fishing in Montana. It keeps my gear organized and really serves as my life line while I'm out in the backcountry.

RT: Can you talk a bit about being a woman in your outdoor space?

AD: I never thought about being a woman in my journey becoming a hunter and an angler. For me it went something like: I want to hunt; cool, I'll buy a rifle. I want to learn archery; I'll get myself a bow. I want to butcher what I hunt; easy, I can learn that online. With the internet, It's possible to learn how to do anything and the fact that I was a woman never made me feel any different in that process. Which says a lot about all of the women who came before me and fought for their rights. They gave me the opportunity to grow up in a time where I have the confidence and freedom to do whatever I want. 

RT: How important is representation?

AD: I remember when I bought my first truck in college, people were surprised to see this young girl driving this big truck. And I get that a lot in hunting and fishing too. People are surprised to see a female doing these rough and tough things. But I understand why it's shocking. Statistically, there just aren't that many females doing it! I don't blame people for that. But I think that's why representation is so important. It takes the unfamiliarity out of it and gives women the opportunity to see themselves in someone who's already doing it. Representation is everything!

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