What's My Bolt Pattern?

The great thing about shopping for wheels on RealTruck.com is that we take the guess work out of finding your bolt pattern! Simply select the year, make, and model of your vehicle with our vehicle selection tool and rest assured that any wheel you find will fit your bolt pattern. In most cases, the Product Options box will show something like "w/ 6-Lug Wheels." Some models may need to select the rear wheel type (single or dually) and wheel size before the bolt pattern will show. In these cases, the Product Options box will likely list the bolt pattern like this: 8 x 180mm. This means you've got 8 lugs with a 180mm measurement between them.  

What is bolt pattern?

Every vehicle has a fixed lug or bolt pattern based on the number of lugs, or studs, on the wheel hub. The pattern is the number of lugs your wheel mounting hub has and the diameter of the circle in which they're arranged.   

Measuring Your Bolt Pattern

Should you want to measure your bolt pattern, it's easy. Pro Tip: When measuring, note the width in both inches and millimeters as some manufacturers use one over the other.

  • Even Lug Number: Measure from the center of one lug to the center of the opposite lug. When shopping for a wheel, you'll see a number like this: 8 x 6.5. This means you have 8 lugs with a 6.5-inch measurement. This same pattern could also be expressed as 8 x 165mm.

  • Odd Lug Number: Measure from the center of one lug to the outer edge of an opposite lug. An example of an odd bolt pattern measurement looks something like this: 5 x 5.5. This means you have 5 lugs with a 5.5-inch measurement.

It's easy to find your bolt pattern, but if you're not sure or if you're shopping for someone else, give us a call at 877-216-5446 and we'll help you figure it out.

Check out these videos on bolt pattern and wheel offset for some pro tips.

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If you have questions about bolt pattern, give us a call at 877-216-5446. Our wheel experts will talk with you to determine your bolt pattern measurement and help you find a set of wheels you'll love.